Sunday, December 22, 2013

Ein Kleine Nachtsmusik

This being the season of the season, we decided to celebrate (let the festivities commence!) Some snow pictures were necessary and Scooterchick was eager to take em'.

Although I love snow, if it is speeding past under my skis, I don't care for if I have to spend any time in it without skis on. Patsy was thrilled and took more pictures.

All of Squamish was under a soft blanket of snow. I do like the way it muffles noise. All seems a little more peaceful.

On the way back to to the house we stopped at another road which will be familiar to those of you who have seen it in it's summer foliage. Another excellent picture opportunity for the Chick!

After we had some chow, we headed to the city. Our destination was the Centennial Theater in North Vancouver, for their Christmas program.

Lions Gate Sinfonia was performing along with the Pro Arte Dancers.
The program was a mixture of Christmas tunes, with some audience participation.

The foreground of the stage was reserved for the dancers. There was a mixture of interpretive dance, (which I have mightily tried as yet unsuccessfully to understand) and classical ballet. The symphonic selections were well balanced and the dance well matched to the music.

We ended the evening with a drive through residential neighborhoods admiring Christmas Light displays. There seem to be fewer this year than in previous years.

Finally arrived home after a lovely outing, and we thoroughly enjoyed our date night. Only one thing remains to be said in case my next post is delayed.

Merry Christmas
Happy New Year