Thursday, October 30, 2014

Mangia Mangia

We were feeling a bit peckish, and thought we might try something new. We decided to give Silver Spoon a try. It is only now that I notice the "Johnson's" sign that used to be. Oh Don Piano....Oh Long Johnson.  See this

Silver Spoon is conveniently located just across from the Court House, just in case you are due to appear before the bench.....

As you enter there is a flight of stairs leading to a bar area above the main floor. It will seat perhaps 14 people, some say intimate, some say small.

This bar overlooks the main floor dining room. It will seat about 32 people.

There is a small alcove off the entry, only room for 10 or so. We chose not to sit here. It just seemed too close.

I did check out the bathroom. There was a framed copy of the minutes of the Continental Congress of 1779. Although the document was barely legible it was a nice touch as far as decor goes.

There is also a chair, side table, lamp and mirror. I'm thinking "if you're using the toilet, who is using the chair?" It's a disturbing question.

This is the hallway leading back to the dining room. It is floored with Saltillo Tile. I know this is now considered passe, but I have always professed a penchant for Saltillo Tile, passe or de rigeur.

Part of the wall decor here included this montage of crosses. Since we are actually in the buckle of the Bible belt in South West Oklahoma this is very common. I approve!

I chose to have a Southwest Turkey Club Panini. It was filling.

ScooterChick went with the Tuna Melt Panini. She found it a little dry.

When they offered dessert and I inquired about the favorites, Pecan Pie Cheesecake was suggested. I have never heard of this delicacy and felt I must needs investigate further. You will also notice the manly cutlery. It's a bit of a "thing" with me, and I feel I should give credit where credit is due. It is certainly due here.

You will notice the absence of even crumbs upon the plate. How was it you ask? Asked and answered!

On the way home we stopped to fill up with gas for $2.89 / gal. Oh how I love the USA and her low gas prices. We will be heading up to Oklahoma City this weekend and prices are reported to be as low as $2.79 / gal. Whoopee!!

I did double check and find that gas in Vancouver has come down to $5.87 / gal.

Well, that's it for me. The bed beckons and I am loathe to disappoint....cheers!

Monday, October 6, 2014

The Bugs Must Go

As you know we have been home for a couple days and the front of the car was still disgustingly bug encrusted. The rest of the vehicle was pretty scungy as well. 

There were bugs splattered, smushed, wedged and embedded in the grill, fascia and lights of the car. This would not be allowed to stand!

At least I had taken the time to fortify myself the previous evening. Yes, that's grilled barbecued chicken. Yes, it does look good doesn't it. It was!

I headed off to the local washeteria. The first thing to be done was to toss the floor masts in the heavy duty washer. $4 and well worth it.

As I pulled in I parked beside a Lincoln Continental. You may have seen cars that sport "peel and stick" bulletholes....for emphasis you know. This sled had the actual "no mistaking it" bullet hole, probably installed while the driver was accelerating wildly trying to get away from the guy squirting metal!!!

Good thing I had that delicious chicken. I would need the extra elbow grease for what was to come next.

I had already stopped at Wally World and purchased assorted wipes, some for leather and others for GP, vinyl plastic and rubber. I used about 2 quarts of elbow grease and 15 wipes detailing the dash, upholstery and door panels.

Then it was time to fire up the "Magna-Suck" coin operated vacuum. As you can see the floor needed extra levels of suction. In short order the gravel, bits of plastic and paper and assorted cheese flavored snacks were inhaled by the voracious machine.

 I paid extra attention to not allow my fingers in front of the nozzle, and kept my fingers bent to avoid losing my wedding ring.

Man am I glad that I took the time to inhale some of that delicious chicken last night. It was both de rigeur and delightful.

There that's better. This section done and the others likewise. Now to collect the floor mats and head back to the ranch.

While it in no way resembled a professional job, it sure looks a lot better than at the start.

Here is the end result. Bug free and smelling clean from stem to gudgeon. Not a bad looking ride when it's not covered with bug guts! 

Now that's more lie the type of chariot my Queen deserves to ride in. We went to a local home decor store, and I talked ScooterChick into posing with an oversize crown that is supposed to hang on the wall.

So much for my day. I hope yours was less strenuous and involved fewer wipes, soap and vacuuming. Ciao!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

A Mish Mash and Eats

I may have omitted an important detail of our last leg of our trip home. As we left Las Cruces NM our path took us past a tire facility. Hey, I know a tire guy. Hey, his name is Forrest. Coincidence? I think not!

Sometimes you take a picture and it's just worth a replay... This from the other day upon our arrival at our home in Lawton. We are glad to be home after a 3,000 mile journey. We had fun but it's nice to be able to relax.

Yesterday morning, after attending to some chores my beloved ScooterChick offered to take me out to breakfast. Since it was 1:30 in the pm there were only two choices. IHOP or our eventual destination. Since I enjoy eating at restaurants we do not have in the Great NorthWet I chose this one.

We have dined at this particular establishment before and since it was close to the end of the business day for them, service was prompt and food arrived hot and fast. The coffee cups are cheerful, belying the contents which are hot but not good.

ScooterChick ordered Chilaquiles. These are described thusly:

Three eggs scrambled with Monterey jack cheese, onions, tomatoes, and crisp tortilla strips topped with ahogada salsa and drizzled with sour cream. 
They were unusual and she found them quite sour for her taste, but they were consumed with panache nonetheless.

I reverted to type and ordered my favorite meal here. You can probably tell from a glance what these pancakes contain: That's right BACON and Cheddar!!!

Now that's what I'm talkin' about!! It was every bit as good as I remember.

They are only open from 6 am until 2 pm so you can see how busy it was. There were two other patrons, so Patsy and I double their head count.

We finished running out errands and I came across this cool old sign. Though the  paint is faded, it is still possible to make out Union Bus Lines on the face of the sign, The letters were originally outlined in neon tubes, which are also a dying art. Given the style (Art Deco) and the construction method of the signage, I would have to say it started service in the latter 30's or early 40's. I made some local inquiries and found out that it had been decommissioned for at least 20 years or more.

What a treat to stumble over these reminders of yesteryear. Bus travel had been an important part of the nation's history, and now with the advent of inexpensive air travel, ride sharing and commuter rail this method of transit seems to largely have gone by the boards. This sign is but a reminder of a slower and quieter time.

Do not take me for a Luddite Neo-Luddism however. I am as tech-dependant as the next guy. My smart phone and laptop mark me as a "connected" individual. One of my favorite phrases is: "technology is just great-right up to the point where it isn't!"

Oh well! Goodbye now!