Monday, October 6, 2014

The Bugs Must Go

As you know we have been home for a couple days and the front of the car was still disgustingly bug encrusted. The rest of the vehicle was pretty scungy as well. 

There were bugs splattered, smushed, wedged and embedded in the grill, fascia and lights of the car. This would not be allowed to stand!

At least I had taken the time to fortify myself the previous evening. Yes, that's grilled barbecued chicken. Yes, it does look good doesn't it. It was!

I headed off to the local washeteria. The first thing to be done was to toss the floor masts in the heavy duty washer. $4 and well worth it.

As I pulled in I parked beside a Lincoln Continental. You may have seen cars that sport "peel and stick" bulletholes....for emphasis you know. This sled had the actual "no mistaking it" bullet hole, probably installed while the driver was accelerating wildly trying to get away from the guy squirting metal!!!

Good thing I had that delicious chicken. I would need the extra elbow grease for what was to come next.

I had already stopped at Wally World and purchased assorted wipes, some for leather and others for GP, vinyl plastic and rubber. I used about 2 quarts of elbow grease and 15 wipes detailing the dash, upholstery and door panels.

Then it was time to fire up the "Magna-Suck" coin operated vacuum. As you can see the floor needed extra levels of suction. In short order the gravel, bits of plastic and paper and assorted cheese flavored snacks were inhaled by the voracious machine.

 I paid extra attention to not allow my fingers in front of the nozzle, and kept my fingers bent to avoid losing my wedding ring.

Man am I glad that I took the time to inhale some of that delicious chicken last night. It was both de rigeur and delightful.

There that's better. This section done and the others likewise. Now to collect the floor mats and head back to the ranch.

While it in no way resembled a professional job, it sure looks a lot better than at the start.

Here is the end result. Bug free and smelling clean from stem to gudgeon. Not a bad looking ride when it's not covered with bug guts! 

Now that's more lie the type of chariot my Queen deserves to ride in. We went to a local home decor store, and I talked ScooterChick into posing with an oversize crown that is supposed to hang on the wall.

So much for my day. I hope yours was less strenuous and involved fewer wipes, soap and vacuuming. Ciao!


April Baucom said...

Icky bugs. Yummy looking chicken. Icky carpet. Yummy looking chicken. Nice ride! Pretty Queen Patsy. Nighty night!

Trobairitz said...

Good job getting the scrubbing done.

A little trick we learned for small bug jobs, like on the front of bikes and scooters is Hydrogen Peroxide in a spray bottle. It dissolves the bug proteins and so far doesn't hurt the paint. Brad found the tip online a few weeks ago. And it's cheap too

Scootard said...

Thanks Brandy. I use Cap'n Crash's trick. Wet a towel with water, let it sit on the surface for 30 minutes and most of it just wipes off. Works great for visors as well.