Tuesday, December 23, 2014

As the Day Approacheth

Soon it will be Christmas Day. What better way to decorate than festive lights. I had an idea. Judging by the helmet decor, I was not the only one.

A quick visit to Big Lots yielded a couple strings of lights and I set to work festoonin'. Within short order I was finished. I present to you.
          Ruby, the Christmas Scooter!

After all that decorating, I popped out this a.m. and was pleased to see this at Sam's when I went to fill up. The equivalent price in Squamish today is $4.28

I continue on with my day, and I wish you a pleasant day as well....

Monday, December 15, 2014

Fast Away The Old Year Passes

For all the animal lovers out there, I'll open this post with a picture of a Whitetail Fawn at the local animal shelter. I don't know it's name, age or backstory but it's cute and I thought you might like to see it. 

We took a quick trip up to the city the other day for a little shopping. When I saw this sign I was inwardly exultant. Heck yes I 'll fill up!!!

To fill up in Vancouver would have been $28.50 or so and in Squamish I notice the locals are still getting reamed by the local operators an extra $.10/gal or so.

We stopped by an outlet mall, and didn't find what we sought, but they did have Christmas music and a huge fireplace. It stood about 8 feet high.

They also had a food court with a place that served a huge loaded Baked Potato. This one was called the Santa Fe, and had Chicken, Ham, Sour Cream and "butter". It fit into my stomach quite nicely.

On the way home we stopped at the local park where the Christmas lights were on display. It's an annual tradition for us to drive through at least once.

I appreciated the Dancing Bears. The bears in our neighbourhood up North don't dance, but they will perform a dosey-doe with your garbage can if you give them a chance!

I liked the old/new juxtaposition of the Conestoga Wagon with the Giant Tree in the background. Hardship and Joy...no?

Although I am not much on selfies, I took this while we were sitting out on the porch enjoying our coffee the other A.M.....Ho Ho dare I say Ho?

Yesterday we went out for lunch with the South West team to a restaurant called Santa Fe Cattle Co. This was our server Bill. He was energetic and accommodating.

 The place was littered with kitsch. Here is a stuffed Armadillo. It appears someone lifted his shooting irons though!

Here are Scooterchick, Sydney and Audrey. musing over the menus.

Here we have Helen, April and yours truly, with the aforementioned Armadillo lurking in the background.

The food was delicious, the prices fair and a good time was had by all. Then it was back to the ranch for Chocolate Mousse Pie with Whipped Cream. Ah Scooterchick, you've outdone yourself!!

In any case, not sure if I'll post before year end, but I did want to take this particular opportunity to wish my readers a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy and Prosperous New Year. Chat with you soon.