Saturday, April 5, 2014

Sushi, Water and Ma

Hello Folks. Long time no talk at. Sorry about that, but I have been eating.....just kidding.....not really! I thought I'd show you want we've been up to lately.

Last weekend we made a quick trip to the Okanagan to visit my Mom who will be 91 this year. Still in her own home too! Good for her. On the way our of town we stopped for sushi. The first picture is a Rainbow Roll. Yum!

Then we have the ever popular Gyoza. Bite sized morsels of deliciousness.

This is a crispy VIP roll. It had Crab, Cream cheese and cucumber, and a Tempura crust. Crunchy and good.

We also had a real Crab California Roll. The Wasabi was good too.

This is what remains of a basket of Tempura Prawns. They always go fast.

Then it was off uphill to see Ma. We decided to go up via the Coquihalla Hwy. this time. The last time I went uphill that way was about 1995. Not much change except the toll booths are gone. This is a picture of Okanagan Lake from the Chute Lake Road looking south.

Then it was down to the lakeshore to Wharf Park. I took Mom's car out for a little run. The last time it was out of the carport was September last year. I think she's decided that it may be time to stop driving. She can still drive well but getting out of the house and into the car is a different matter.

On Sunday morning we bid adieu to the aged P, and got ready to head nback to Vancouver. Here's a pic of me and Ma.

Here's a picture of my beloved, trying to get a smile out of the old girl. She says every time she smiles it looks like a grimace, but you can catch her smiling when she's not trying if you take 6-8 pictures and pick the best one.

On the way back to Squampton we stopped for more sushi. Yes, we seem to go in fits and starts. Whether we are having fits or starts right now I don't know, but I approve.

This is their version of a rainbow Roll. Looks good neh? Tastes good too!

We ordered Calamari. That turned out to be a mistake, not in the presentation but in the quality. The Squid was tough and rubbery.....we ate it anyway.

Shoulda sent it back and said we weren't going to pay for it. We did that with some wings at the other place. They were old and cold.

We also had a Crispy Roll and California Roll. Both were good.

This morning we went to our breakfast place then down to the beach for some fresh air. Here are a couple Glamor Shots of my Scooterchick relaxing on a log.

What a vision of smiling beauty. Yes I am biased but I speak the truth!!

Thanks for riding along. Glad to have you in the posse!