Saturday, April 5, 2014

Sushi, Water and Ma

Hello Folks. Long time no talk at. Sorry about that, but I have been eating.....just kidding.....not really! I thought I'd show you want we've been up to lately.

Last weekend we made a quick trip to the Okanagan to visit my Mom who will be 91 this year. Still in her own home too! Good for her. On the way our of town we stopped for sushi. The first picture is a Rainbow Roll. Yum!

Then we have the ever popular Gyoza. Bite sized morsels of deliciousness.

This is a crispy VIP roll. It had Crab, Cream cheese and cucumber, and a Tempura crust. Crunchy and good.

We also had a real Crab California Roll. The Wasabi was good too.

This is what remains of a basket of Tempura Prawns. They always go fast.

Then it was off uphill to see Ma. We decided to go up via the Coquihalla Hwy. this time. The last time I went uphill that way was about 1995. Not much change except the toll booths are gone. This is a picture of Okanagan Lake from the Chute Lake Road looking south.

Then it was down to the lakeshore to Wharf Park. I took Mom's car out for a little run. The last time it was out of the carport was September last year. I think she's decided that it may be time to stop driving. She can still drive well but getting out of the house and into the car is a different matter.

On Sunday morning we bid adieu to the aged P, and got ready to head nback to Vancouver. Here's a pic of me and Ma.

Here's a picture of my beloved, trying to get a smile out of the old girl. She says every time she smiles it looks like a grimace, but you can catch her smiling when she's not trying if you take 6-8 pictures and pick the best one.

On the way back to Squampton we stopped for more sushi. Yes, we seem to go in fits and starts. Whether we are having fits or starts right now I don't know, but I approve.

This is their version of a rainbow Roll. Looks good neh? Tastes good too!

We ordered Calamari. That turned out to be a mistake, not in the presentation but in the quality. The Squid was tough and rubbery.....we ate it anyway.

Shoulda sent it back and said we weren't going to pay for it. We did that with some wings at the other place. They were old and cold.

We also had a Crispy Roll and California Roll. Both were good.

This morning we went to our breakfast place then down to the beach for some fresh air. Here are a couple Glamor Shots of my Scooterchick relaxing on a log.

What a vision of smiling beauty. Yes I am biased but I speak the truth!!

Thanks for riding along. Glad to have you in the posse! 

Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Skies Open Up

As so often happens at this time of the year in the Great NorthWet, weather has moved in. It just so happens that by perfidy of nature, and disposition of geography we experience warm summers, crisp autumns and more than our fair share of precipitation which almost invariably comes to us as rain.

I had remarked once to a person that it was drizzling outside (it was a scant drizzle too) and she said, you must be from here. Yes, I said what makes you say that? You know another of the 50 names for rain, she replied. It is true that native WetCoasters know an almost inexhaustible number of ways to describe rain.

It matters not whether it comes spitting,drizzling or as a passing shower. Whether it's sprinkling, coming down or a real gully washer, we know we can handle it. On the coast it often comes with wind that makes an umbrella useless. It will be destroyed within seconds of being deployed. We just grin and soldier on, knowing as we do that our skin is waterproof and a hot shower and dry clothing await when we get home.

The seemingly inexhaustible supply of rain does make for some interesting photo ops though. Since the mountains rise up to the sky, and drop off to the sea there is no shortage of verticality. The rain will find it's way down. Areas of the slope which at most times of the year may support no more than a bare trickle become at times like these fresh if a bit thin and reedy cascades hastening their way to the chuck.

Many of you know that my preferred mode of travel on the Squamish highway is astride the saddle of a steel pony, with a firm grip on the handle bars and a steely resolution to avoid cranking the right wrist in a go faster direction.

On days such as this however, being inside a cage, with the seat heater on and the HVAC set at a steady 73F. is definitely preferable. As we continue up the highway the descending water may appear a little more enthusiastic, rushing downwards as though it's trying to make up for lost time, each drop anxious to outrace the other.

The rivulets shall not be contained, nor do they show any decorum as they continue their descent from on high in a jostling race to rejoin the sea, which waits below patiently.

In spots an entire section of the rock will be awash with water, each streamlet trying to shame it's brethren as they plunge towards the ocean. There's just something about the sound of running water. It brings peace to the soul. There is however a price to be paid for the verdant nature of the country we enjoy, and this is it........

The water coming off the hill flexes it newly found muscle, and exhibits a brawny exuberance as it races down to the sea which waits like an impatient lover avid with passion to hungrily embrace the approaching streams. 

What a marvelous system we live in, where the clouds "bless" us with an abundance of rain, which joins the sea to be eventually recycled and to fall as rain somewhere else.   

Almost back home to Squampton, we come upon Shannon Falls. While fairly impressive and full of visitors most sunny days, the park is virtually empty at these times of year. 

When the rain has been falling for several days, the falls swell until the roar of the water coming off the hill can be heard from 10 miles away. It is when the mountains start to roar, that wise folk keep an eye on the river levels, and stay away from low lying areas.

If you would allow me some latitude I would ask you to excuse me, it's time for a hot shower, a fresh cup of coffee and some dry clothing. Thanks for coming along to see the sights, wet though they are. 5-6" of rain in the last 2 days will do that for you. See you next time.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Valentine Musings

 A little late for Valentine's Day I should say, but better late than never. When we considered our options, Scooterchick and I decided we should stay in and feast. 

We checked our larder and came up with a very workable option. Steak and Prawns with Pasta. In short order every thing was in readiness.

The pasta was Spaghettii this time with a lovely Quatro Formaggi. Hard to beat, creamy cheesy and cooked to virtual perfection, just the other side of al dente.

Sorry, did I mention the Artisan bread with a dip of olive Oil, Freshly Toasted Garlic and Balsamic Vinegar. Ripe for the dipping.

We shared our meal as we share our love, with gusto and not a hint of embarrassment. As we enjoyed our repast, we laughed and ate and then waddled out to the living room, I'll leave the dishes for later. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY

Thursday, January 23, 2014

A Day in the Sun

This was a day for celebration. While the rest of Canada shivered in a cold wind with temperatures well below freezing the sun was out on the Wet Coast. During the winter months cold and rain are the usual order of the day, and when we get a day like this everyone smiles a little brighter, and breathes a little easier.

When I got to the city I kept a sharp eye out. You may have thought it wishful thinking but I could almost smell spring coming, and was looking for the first signs thereof. These are the usual first harbingers--Snowdrops.

There was a Camellia bush quite nearby and I checked it to see how the buds were coming along. As you can see they are still very tight, but I know the caress of the sun and some warmer breezes will soon remedy that.

The Palm Trees are setting their new leaves as last year's yellow and die off. WHAT? Palms you exclaim. Having grown up here I never saw palms except in a conservatory, but the climate has ameliorated and now certain varieties like these thrive. There is a reason they call the Lower Mainland "the California of Canada".

I made a delivery to one of our excellent clientele and saw this outside a house in the same block. I inquired of the homeowner the variety and she didn't know. I will imagine it to be a Flowering Crabapple (rightly or wrongly).

All too soon it was necessary to head home. The sun was setting and I couldn't resist the opportunity to take it's measure with the lens of my camera, I mean phone.

This is a typical view, looking towards Gibson's Landing on the Sunshine Coast. I love the way you can feel your gaze being drawn into the misty distance. Ahhhhh! faraway places.

This is a view looking back south towards Vancouver.The sun is giving it's last farewells just behind Bowen Island and this view is flanked by the stately Grand Fir, and the aromatic Red Cedar.

This is a view across Howe Sound, where the sun illuminates the top of a mountain. The light at this time of day is so ethereal and hard to capture.

This is a slightly more magnified view. It's handy to be able to zoom

Pretty soon I'm rolling down the Murrin Park Hill towards the Shannon and catch a view of Mount Garibaldi, with the Stawamus Chief on the right hand side. This is widely reckoned to be the 2nd largest granite monolith in the world and is a mecca for rock climbers during the summer months, who are itching to try climbing it's 1,368' prominence. All in all the summit is 2,797 feet above the waters of Howe Sound below.

After a quick stop at the grocery, I hurried home. Scooterchick made a delicious Chicken Curry for dinner and then I got busy with something involving Cranberries and Chocolate Chips.....want a hint?

Must eat cookies now....goodbye!!!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Fast Away the Old Year Passes

We spent Christmas with my Mom in the Okanagan. We returned to the Wet Coast afterwards on the 28th.

We were invited to a delicious turkey dinner on New Year's Eve with some loved ones here in Squampton and returned home around 10, and celebrated the turn of the year with a big kiss!!!!! At that precise moment the phone rang and it was Miss Helen calling from Oklahoma to interrupt our osculation and wish us a Happy New Year.

Today Scooterchick decided to cook a Crispy Duck!. This is the fowl in question. Here he is doing his little dripping dance, as the fat drains from his carcass.

Doesn't he look delicious? Yes he does!!

Of course a feast would not be complete without something on the side. Something my baby never ate when she was young.....parsnips, fried in butter and salt...YUM.

The duck having been separated from his other half was plated.

Twice. Ready for cutlery.

Gravy is of course expected in these types of situations.

Broccoli steamed and ready to add color and fiber to the meal.

Then there's the matter of stuffing. Scooterchick wisely chose boxed stuffing. A handmade stuffing would be soaked in Duck Grease.....Eeeegh!

An enormous pile of food was now assembled on each plate....

All that was left was to dig in. We did what we could to demolish the feast, but in the end neither of us could finish our plates....

Congratulations and kudos go Scooterchick for an excellent repast.

Happy New Year!!!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Ein Kleine Nachtsmusik

This being the season of the season, we decided to celebrate (let the festivities commence!) Some snow pictures were necessary and Scooterchick was eager to take em'.

Although I love snow, if it is speeding past under my skis, I don't care for if I have to spend any time in it without skis on. Patsy was thrilled and took more pictures.

All of Squamish was under a soft blanket of snow. I do like the way it muffles noise. All seems a little more peaceful.

On the way back to to the house we stopped at another road which will be familiar to those of you who have seen it in it's summer foliage. Another excellent picture opportunity for the Chick!

After we had some chow, we headed to the city. Our destination was the Centennial Theater in North Vancouver, for their Christmas program.

Lions Gate Sinfonia was performing along with the Pro Arte Dancers.
The program was a mixture of Christmas tunes, with some audience participation.

The foreground of the stage was reserved for the dancers. There was a mixture of interpretive dance, (which I have mightily tried as yet unsuccessfully to understand) and classical ballet. The symphonic selections were well balanced and the dance well matched to the music.

We ended the evening with a drive through residential neighborhoods admiring Christmas Light displays. There seem to be fewer this year than in previous years.

Finally arrived home after a lovely outing, and we thoroughly enjoyed our date night. Only one thing remains to be said in case my next post is delayed.

Merry Christmas
Happy New Year