Friday, March 11, 2016

Almost Home

After the tremendous wind yesterday, this morning was dead calm. We pulled out just before 6:30 this a.m.

Rolling westward through Montana we stopped for gas, and to check a couple emails. Here is yet another well stocked Travel Plaza near Missoula.

At another gas stop I made note of a motel that was adjacent. Now, I know most of us look for certain amenities in accommodation. Those that rate fairly highly on our list include King sized beds, fast stable wifi, free breakfast and the like.

This particular establishment is a bit of a "throwback". Firstly, we could start with the name. This is not the Big Sky Motel or the Blue Sky Motel. It is simply the Sky Motel. I am not sure if one is supposed to arrive in their personal aircraft, but I do see that they offer TV ( although the descriptors flat screen or cable are noticeably absent.)

Immediately across the street was some sort of livestock facility. It had a price list for parking $3.00 per cow $5.00 per horse. I am bereft of explanation for this one!

As we roll west the mountains are close to the highway. The colors of the earth are quite noticeable, the green of copper and the red of iron ore. In one instance the iron was so rich, I could smell it inside the car as we passed.

At a  stop for gas in St. Regis I noticed the Trail West Bank. This facility was securely housed in a single wide trailer. This also included drive through banking. If you happen to be moseying down the trail, It's good to know that you can direct your cayuse up to the teller's window, before cantering away.

The gas stop included souvenirs, restaurant, gambling, convenience store and of course gas and diesel.

The Post Office has a large overhang due to the potential for heavy snows in the area. The snow was nonexistent today thankfully.

Where might one expect to find antiques nearby? Why at Place of Antiques of course. We did not visit to find out about the unusual name.

There was a steam powered Case tractor in some sort of jail. I do not know what sort of infraction it committed. I wouldn't be surprised if you oiled it and built a head of steam and it would still plow all day long.

I am including a couple of gratuitous pictures now that we are nearing the end of our journey. Where else but in the Great Northwet would you find directional signs in case of geologic disaster.

There have been a number of people concerned about the economy of late, ad the stability of the banking system. In times of fiscal uncertainty some people feel there is no better place to make sound financial decisions that in a Red Canoe.

The jury is out with me on this one. Perhaps you have an opinion.

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April Baucom said...

Yeah, the accommodations look dicey at the Sky Motel. I would forgo.... The cow or horse hookup fee is a giggle!
Red Canoe.... probaby the owners favorite mode of transportation?😄

Trobairitz said...

They opened a Red Canoe Credit Union in Albany (10 miles away), but I'd never even heard of them until they did.

King size beds and wi-fi at a motel are a must for us too.