Thursday, March 3, 2016

The L'il Rascal Steps out

As you know, the reason for our quick trip to Oklahoma was to retrieve our scooters and bring them north to Canada, their place of registration.
Our intention is to sell all including the trailer except Raspberry, and perhaps I will get another "fiddy!" 

Since we have been here a few days now, and my ankle has shrunk down to "softball" size, I started with the most logical choice. Since some regular maintenance is required prior to loading up, I disturbed Rascal from his slumbers and wheeled him out of the laundry room and into the sunshine.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Honda CH line I have included some Elite/Aero information here. In a sea of sameness during the middle 1980's Honda set off on a bold and distinctive styling trend well outside the boundaries of convention. This culminated in the release of the Honda CN250 Helix, which was widely regarded as the Cadillac of Japanese scooters for the era.

Okay okay, enough of the history lesson. Let's get with the eye candy already!

The distinctive square prow, which while unconventional is very efficient in minimizing drag while providing a stable ride, even in vicious crosswinds. Believe me, I have ridden in vicious crosswinds in Oklahoma and the ride is stable albeit at an exaggerated angle when viewed from the rear. The degree of lean would result in a sharp corner if no wind were present.

This little workhorse punches well above it's weight. I am by no means a tiny guy, tipping the scales north of 255 pounds. Even so, this frisky iron pony totes my ponderous bulk along at highway speeds, even qualifying for freeway entry if traveling in the slow lane. I won't have to worry about passing anyone other than farm implements. See you later John Deere!

I am not entirely sure if the model designation refers to owners, who join an elite fraternity when mounted on this sturdy beast, or whether the scooter itself know it's status and isn't afraid to display it for all to see. Regardless it really is an Elite ride compared to the half dozen others others I have ridden. It is akin to riding a well upholstered easy chair around town, and almost as effortless.

A quick glance at the dashboard shows that we are almost at 5,000 km. That is just under 3,000 miles in 'Murican. As you can see in spite of her age (over 
30) she is a relative youngster.

I wanted to make sure this Little Rascal didn't run off during the evening hours. You know how these young folks are, sneaking off when least expected with mischief on their minds.

Having secured my little beauty, I covered him up and allowed him to drift back to his slumbers. Sleep well my carnelian beauty, "schlafen sie voll" as the Germans say.

I don't know why I like this little fellow sooooo much, yet I profess an unreasoning affection for it. Still, I won't let my feelings deter me from passing it along  to another happy owner. You can probably deduce from my expression that I truly am a Scootard. I get retarded in the brain whenever I am around them, riding them, or looking at others doing so.

I will bid you cheerio for now and remember, pin that throttle and ride!!!


Scooterchick said...

Looking good, baby....:-).

Trobairitz said...

It will be bittersweet for you to see the scooters go.

I've thought of paring down our two-wheel collection, but I can't think of one bike that will do it all.