Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Across the Wide Prairie

The first golden rays of dawn brightened the sky in Lamar CO. this morning as I loaded the van in preparation for our departure.

The cover was removed from our scooters and stowed and the defroster was working full speed to dispel the thin layer of frost of the windows.

The golden hue changed to tinges of pink as we prepared. All was in readiness as I moved the van up to the front of the hotel.

The entire horizon was awash with color as we headed out into the dawn. It was just above freezing as we rolled north.

I had noticed an unusual establishment in Eads CO. on the way south and took advantage of our return trip to grab a quick picture. This place, Jay's Tavern looks like it has been here since 2 Beaver Pelts could be traded for a bottle of hooch.

 By the time we reached Limon CO. it was about 10 and we encountered this sign. It was a good idea we knew where we were headed, and had the Rand McNally Road Atlas as a backup. Looking at this could get a fellow confused.

When we topped off the tank in Limon, I saw this interesting poster. The most interesting thing about it is that I actually owned one of these in this color scheme. What a beautiful car it was. It rode like a dream and had so much style that it left little puddles of style as it eased down the highway.

North of Limon we come to a town where no one wants to stay. If it looks deserted that is because it is. There were one or two houses that were occupied, and the rest? It looks like their chances had run out.

The highway north was deserted, and I noticed that there was a skiff of snow on the heights. Yesterday it was about 74F. Today it seemed to barely top 40F. EEK!

As the highway wound down we crossed over a bridge spanning the marshaling yards in Cheyenne WY. The control tower sits in between the north and south bound bridges.

I took a picture of a building called The Wrangler. Apparently it is the largest Western Wear store in Wyoming. If you need boots, jeans or cowboy get up, this here is your mercantile.

A mural graces the wall of a nearby building. I imagine this little cherub is a subtle pro-life message. Each baby is precious.

A Victorian Revival Mansion has been turned into a B&B. This is one block from the main street into town.

Immediately across the street was another well preserved Mansion. This looks to be the offices of a firm of architects. It is nice to see these old places preserved.

Nearby on a street corner, a coyote chases a hare around a pillar of brick. The coyote does not appear to be gaining, and the hare seems bemused.

A hour or so north we came to a Rest Area. Here is my beloved, the Trippin' Sista. We made a quick stop and headed back to the highway.

 The name of this Rest Area is Chugwater. Unusual, granted. The small town of Chugwater is adjacent.

The area we passed through was geologically interesting. I call these formations Rock Castles. They look very quaint.

There is a large reservoir named Glendo adjacent to the Freeway. It has a State Park on it's shores. It is supposedly one of the most popular lakes for recreation in all of Wyoming.

We stopped for the night in Casper WY. we  checked into the same motel we used when we were on were our way down.

We will continue our adventure in the a.m. One last note for my faithful readers, please subscribe to this blog, and you will receive instant notification of any future posts. For now, Bon soir mes amis.

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Trobairitz said...

This country is so pretty. I haven't been across it since sometime in the early 80's when we travelled to Chicago by van to visit my maternal grandfather's sister. Such an adventure.

And I've never been south of San Francisco on the west coast......must remedy that one day.