Friday, February 26, 2016

Nous Arrivons- We Be Here

We left Lamar CO this a.m. at 06:14 and rolled south towards the Oklahoma line. This was an unusual day since we would pass through a total of 4 states, but actually only be in three states.

I will explain. We went from Colorado into Oklahoma and then crossed the Panhandle and entered Texas, at the Texas Panhandle. Then we left Texas and entered Oklahoma...again for the remainder of our days journey.

In short order we arrived in Amarillo TX.

The downtown area was very quiet and I took the opportunity to grab a couple of pictures. Amarillo is a fairly large city.

Amarillo National Bank seems to have grown from it's humble beginnings.

The current Amarillo Town Hall is located on the same block as the original Potter County Library. The library was not relocated when the new hall was built.

This is the original Amarillo Federal Building. It is built in Spanish Colonial Style. I find it very appealing.

Across the street you can do some financial business. I do not know if utilizing this institution makes you happy, or whether your money is happy. I suspect that the people who run the bank are the happy ones if you choose their services.

We passed through Clarendon TX. As you can see Clarendon is quiet today. I suspect that might be the case most days.

The next town on the hit parade was Memphis. In Memphis there is another financial institution that gives me cause to wonder. Is this where you save your catch? If you withdraw do they pay out in Herring? Perhaps the tellers are hard of herring? Say what? You decide.

We pass through Childress. Not exactly inspirational.

Next came Hollis. Sadly a lot of these towns are dying. As Agri-Business gets larger, the number of people working on or owning family farms declines. Most of these towns have lost their population, and thus their tax base. A few people are bravely holding on.

Finally we arrive at our destination, Lawton OK. Time to relax.

copyright 2016 Google Maps - used with attribution and permission.

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Trobairitz said...

I bet it feels nice to be down in Lawton for a few days. Hopefully the weather is cooperating.

Scootard said...

The weather was very clement but windy upon our departure.