Tuesday, February 23, 2016

We Carry Merrily Along

The morning dawned early. I had my alarm set for 05:15, so we got coffee breakfast and headed out at about 7:15. Talk about slowpokes; as we left the sign said Sleep Inn, we can't we gotta go.

We soon crossed over Lookout Pass and into Montana and stopped at a Rest Area. This was the sign which gave some area history.

Here is my beloved, the Trippin' Sista enjoying some early  morning sunshine.

The Montana pines were similarly soaking up the rays. Lotta pines in Montana.

Although they have changed their monicker to The Treasure State, I will forever think of Montana as Big Sky Country. I believe the sky here is actually no bigger that elsewhere, but it has a nostalgic appeal for me. I first came through here at about the age of 5.

As we came up east of Missoula  we crossed the Continental Divide at 4th of July Pass. On the downhill grade there was lots of rock visible by the highway.

We stopped in Bozeman and had a bite to eat. This is Zuppa Toscana, hot and fresh. I added some fresh ground pepper.

This was some unpronounceable variety of Chicken Quesadilla. I ate 2 of the pieces before photographing the rest. It was served with some sort of Salsa.

We checked into our hotel. This is the view out the window. These are the tail end of the Rocky Mountains.

This is the view inside the window. The Sista has checked the bed and pronounced it comfy. Okay then!

We have a sitting area past the bed. This is where I am blogging now. It is likewise comfy. There is an L-Shaped couch and we are sitting with our feet up.

This is the route we traveled today. We will shoot for Casper Wyoming tomorrow.

copyright 2016 Google Maps used with attribution and permission.

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