Monday, February 22, 2016

With a horrid start, we depart

I realize the title of this blog post is a little confusing, but bear with me faithful reader and all will be explained. We have been relaxing at our winter spot which I have dubbed "Happy Squirrel Acres". I built a small shelf outside our living room window and we give the little blighters some cereal or bread on a daily basis. It's a small price to pay for the delight we have in watching them nibble away.

My beloved, with whom you will be acquainted as ScooterChick, or the Trippin' Sista has been helping me with my Norse Locks to ensure the health of my hairs. She likes it long, who am I to refuse her these small pleasures.

And now for the horror. We have been preparing to make a quick trip to retrieve the scooters, which have been slumbering peacefully in Oklahoma. Accordingly, with all in readiness I prepared to load the last half dozen items in the car this a.m. Since I had set my alarm for 0 dark thirty last night, I got up with the first few bleats of my phone, and started the coffee. I stepped out the door of our rig, arms laden and realized as I plummeted to the ground that the steps were retracted. What is normally three steps had become 1, and I became one with the ground having wrenched my left ankle in a most unsatisfactory way.

Of course my beloved was there in a trice, perhaps it was my reedy and high pitched scream of pain, or the bellowed invective that followed it. I lay on the frosty gravel in my shorts and T-Shirt praying furiously and waiting for the pain to subside so I could assess the degree of damage. The Sista was convinced a trip to the hospital was imperative, and covered me up with a bath robe against the onset of shock all the while praying furiously, but with the passage of some time, an ice bag and some elevation I was able to bear weight and continue hobbling around.

An ankle brace and some tight socks, coupled with firm lacing on my sneakers enabled me to continue with the few tasks we needed to take care of prior to departing. Even the darkest dawn holds promises of a bright day ahead.

The van was happily idling as the frost melted off the windows. It seemed as anxious to be off as we were.

Grace rests quietly until we return. The propane is turned off and the power disconnected at both the umbilical and batteries. The fridge has already been defrosted and the tanks emptied. We even took precautions against a freeze by putting antifreeze in the water system.

Here, with all aboard is ScooterChick ready to roll. The sun is up, and we are miraculously an hour ahead of schedule. Will wonders never cease!

I can show you part of my breakfast. I had already eaten the bacon strips and part of the egg and cheese before I remembered to take a picture. That multigrain bagel is good. I usually deconstruct the sandwich and make that bagel last a long time as I am eating it (much like our happy squirrel friends).

With all as the Germans say "in ordnung" we headed for the border, a mere 20 minutes or so away, to make our crossing into the U.S of A.

Oh yeah, back in the land of cheap gasoline. I filled up with the equivalent of $55.00 CDN in gas. The total? $20.60. Thank you Jesus for cheap gas.

This is our route today. We are now relaxing in Post Falls ID. Who knows what adventures tomorrow will bring?

copyright Google Maps 2016. reprinted with attribution and permission.

This is but leg one of our adventure. We will continue our reportage in spite of the squirrels discontent at the lack of yummies. If you wish to see the day's vlog entries you will find them The Adventures of Trippin' Sista. There are over 460 videos that detail our experiences. Be sure to like and subscribe. Pat loves to see your comments. Cheerio.


Trobairitz said...

Squirrels can be so entertaining. They like to help the birds eat the sunflower seeds in the feeders in our backyard.

Hope your ankle is feeling better and doesn't pain you on the trip.

Scootard said...

Thank you |Brandy. Yes they are and yes it is. Thanks.