Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Several Hundred Dusty Miles Later

When last we spoke Dear Reader, we were in Bozeman MT. My how the time does fly, as do the miles at 80 mph. We got up at the unGodly hour of 04:45 this a.m. with the intention of being away sooner than yesterday. With the van loaded we attacked the Breakfast Room. The selection was not overly inspiring this a.m. I settled for Raisin Bran and a Banana.

Passing through the lobby I grabbed a couple photos. It was well appointed with seating area and fireplace. The fireplace was especially welcome this morning as it was a frosty 18 F.

Jare was standing ready to answer any guest query at the reception desk. He was very solicitous of our departure and wished us a good trip. It's nice to meet a diligent conscientious young man for as change.

We drove for several hours until hunger forced us to consider lunch. We stopped at the Sagebrush Cafe in Buffalo WY. The front of the cafe was a store with decor and kitchen items.

In the back the cafe was domiciled. Although this picture is slightly out of focus you get the idea. Wild West meets hometown eatery.

The decor is situational and homey, if you live in ranch quarters. Can you say Yippee I-O Ki Yay? I know you can.

After lunch I walked down the block to get a few pictures. This is Cedar Creek. It's just about ice-out time. There is a trail system that follows the creek and a defunct rail line roadbed. A little chilly today for further trail exploration though.

There is a very patient sheepdog  keeping watch over a few sheep that seem rather docile, frozen in time actually. Though there were shepherds in WY back in the day, they generally were at odds with cattle ranchers who felt sheep grazing ruined good cattle ranching land.

There is a community band stand in Crazy Woman Square. It is named after a woman whose husband and children were killed in a inter-tribal skirmish. She was so distraught that she fled from the village in emotional disarray and took up solitary residence in the mountains that came to be named after her.

A series of murals line the side of a building on the south side of the square. This first picture shows Main St. back in the day.

A group of cowboys stand around in this cow camp. Living was pretty spartan in those times. Even so when the herd was sold at end of season, the first priority for most was a trip to town for a bath, shave and a drink, usually in that order.

The next two panels show a cowboy driving a herd of horses across a verdant prairie. We can imagine that this mural depicts springtime when cowboy and equine spirits are high. The prairie is green with recent rain and the blood runs hot with the joy of the chase.

This is not the Sheriff's Office. The storefront was used during the attack of the movie people when a series was recorded. This is an ongoing western whodunit named Longmire. More information is located here

 As we look back towards the car, those same sheep serve as a forefront for another large mural on the side of a building on the other side of the creek.

Here we see the creek entering downtown. It must be cheerful during the heat of summer with the trees all leafed out and a cool breeze traveling down the watercourse.

On this bank of the creek is the Bee Cafe, which looks like a popular spot for breakfast. Our cafe was across the street. Also visible in this shot is the Occidental Hotel

This unassuming building is the Buffalo City Hall. The town boasts a population of 4,720 so I guess it is in proportion.

We carried on for another 90 minutes before stopping in Casper WY.

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