Tuesday, December 23, 2014

As the Day Approacheth

Soon it will be Christmas Day. What better way to decorate than festive lights. I had an idea. Judging by the helmet decor, I was not the only one.

A quick visit to Big Lots yielded a couple strings of lights and I set to work festoonin'. Within short order I was finished. I present to you.
          Ruby, the Christmas Scooter!

After all that decorating, I popped out this a.m. and was pleased to see this at Sam's when I went to fill up. The equivalent price in Squamish today is $4.28

I continue on with my day, and I wish you a pleasant day as well....


Rick Eby said...

wow $1.91 a liter. Ours is only $1.06.9

Trobairitz said...

Very festive. Merry Christmas to you and Pat.

I am enjoying these low gas prices. Regular is still $2.39 a gallon here but much better than the $4 we were paying.

Scootard said...

Thanks Brandy. Yeah Rick that's 1.91 gal (4L)