Thursday, October 30, 2014

Mangia Mangia

We were feeling a bit peckish, and thought we might try something new. We decided to give Silver Spoon a try. It is only now that I notice the "Johnson's" sign that used to be. Oh Don Piano....Oh Long Johnson.  See this

Silver Spoon is conveniently located just across from the Court House, just in case you are due to appear before the bench.....

As you enter there is a flight of stairs leading to a bar area above the main floor. It will seat perhaps 14 people, some say intimate, some say small.

This bar overlooks the main floor dining room. It will seat about 32 people.

There is a small alcove off the entry, only room for 10 or so. We chose not to sit here. It just seemed too close.

I did check out the bathroom. There was a framed copy of the minutes of the Continental Congress of 1779. Although the document was barely legible it was a nice touch as far as decor goes.

There is also a chair, side table, lamp and mirror. I'm thinking "if you're using the toilet, who is using the chair?" It's a disturbing question.

This is the hallway leading back to the dining room. It is floored with Saltillo Tile. I know this is now considered passe, but I have always professed a penchant for Saltillo Tile, passe or de rigeur.

Part of the wall decor here included this montage of crosses. Since we are actually in the buckle of the Bible belt in South West Oklahoma this is very common. I approve!

I chose to have a Southwest Turkey Club Panini. It was filling.

ScooterChick went with the Tuna Melt Panini. She found it a little dry.

When they offered dessert and I inquired about the favorites, Pecan Pie Cheesecake was suggested. I have never heard of this delicacy and felt I must needs investigate further. You will also notice the manly cutlery. It's a bit of a "thing" with me, and I feel I should give credit where credit is due. It is certainly due here.

You will notice the absence of even crumbs upon the plate. How was it you ask? Asked and answered!

On the way home we stopped to fill up with gas for $2.89 / gal. Oh how I love the USA and her low gas prices. We will be heading up to Oklahoma City this weekend and prices are reported to be as low as $2.79 / gal. Whoopee!!

I did double check and find that gas in Vancouver has come down to $5.87 / gal.

Well, that's it for me. The bed beckons and I am loathe to disappoint....cheers!


Trobairitz said...

What a great little spot for lunch. That cheesecake looks tasty.

Scootard said...

Thanks Brandy:
It was Awwwwwesome!!