Monday, February 25, 2013

Food, A departure and Return

Since so  much of our travels revolve around places we have been, people we have seen and meals we have eaten, I figured I would do a roundup of what we have been up to. Yes, we got the yard trimmed up and the fence replaced across the back of the yard and a lot of necessary work done around the house, but I know that you like myself have a keen interest in good cooking.  And so without further ado I present some food pictures.

Here is a sandwich I had at Billy Sims BBQ. If you think it looks good, you should have wrapped yourself around it. Seriously, my mouth is watering just looking at the picture.

Here is the selection that Scooterchick got. Hers is ribs, 2 beans and Texas Toast. The ribs had a good bark on them, and were tender but not overly juicy......alas/

All the pictures of the food are not of the human variety. We have been feeding the birds for the last couple days, and have had House Sparrows , House Finches, Rose Neck Finches, a Summer Tanager, a pair of Cardinals and 2 pairs of Ring Necked Doves.

We started with one feeder, then two and finally three. We ended up with every songbird within a 30 mile radius dining at our house. Those little buggers can eat too, we've gone through 150lb. of bird feed and they still look hungry.


Time for more human food pictures. We went to a favorite Chinese food restaurant that Scooterchick has been patronizing for the last 20 years. They have some interesting presentation ideas. This one is called Sea Food Peacock Nest. It had Shrimp, Scallops, Crab, Vegetables and Mushrooms in Sauce.
Hold on that's a Taco bowl.....ok.....Chinese with a Mexican Twist!

The next dish we couldn't pass up. It was called Happy Family. It consisted of sliced Beef, Chicken and Shrimp with Broccoli, Mushrooms. Baby Corn and Bamboo shoots in a brown sauce. I don't know what's in the brown sauce but I'm a sucker for anything with the Baby Corns and Bamboo Shoots.

This was served up with a side dish of rice, and we couldn't eat it all.

The next picture is a well know chain restaurant that you may have been to if you have ever traveled to the center of the country. I think the antler chandelier at the entrance may have been faux. Still guessing?

Guess no longer. One of their promos is to serve your drink in a plastic cup that they refill and cap before you leave to head home. You can imagine a cupboard full of Rib Crib cups urging you to return.

I decided to go with the Rib Crib Club and what a sandwich it was. Although you can't get it on Sourdough, that's the only thing that could have made this sandwich better. Large chunks of smoked Turkey, thick cut crunchy-crisp Bacon, Cheese, lettuce and Tomato. This was one crazy good sandwich and was served with Spiced Fries, crispy and hand cut. Altogether satisfying.

Scooterchick opted for ribs, and they came with Corn, Fries, Texas Toast ans what was very possible the world's smallest serving of Coleslaw. I kid you not it was too small to use a fork. Two pinches at best and it was gone. Good ribs, but again not too juicy.

You may wonder why we have been filling up on Barbecue. Simple, it's because we were heading for the West Coast where they have different types of cuisine, and good BBQ is not really one of them.

You may recall from a previous post that we actually made it as far as San Francisco, but returned posthaste for a funeral, and we dutifully loaded the car to head out again this a.m. All was made ready and we left a little behind schedule just around 7:30.

We got about as far as the airport, and turned on the radio to catch a little news. The traffic report was not encouraging. All roads in the Texas Panhandle have been closed by TXDOT as impassible due to a blizzard/whiteout.  Since we need to travel through the Panhandle on our way west, we drove back to the house and unpacked again.

Since the Lord has a free hand with our schedule, I reckon we'll mosey along when the time is right. Right now I believe I'll take a couple aspirin. This wet weather moving in is playing merry hell with my joints, and a couple aspirin will definitely do the trick.     Cheers y'all!

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