Friday, August 23, 2013

Texoma, Dallas and a Cloverleaf to Loco

On Tuesday we had the opportunity to travel through some areas we had not seen, stayed over in Dallas and saw some equally interesting sights upon our return.....ah but I get ahead of myself. To begin:

We left our home in Lawton slightly before 9 a.m. for a lunch meeting 163 miles (260km.) hence.  We coasted through the bright sunshine with the radio on and enjoyed some scintillating conversation until our imagination was captured by this.

Although one can look on a map, it seems so two dimensional compared to the real thing. This is Lake Texoma, which straddles the border. It impounds just under 40,000 sq. mi. (103,000 sq. km.) To someone who was raised on the Wet Coast, it seems almost ocean-like, with the exception of the 100F. temps.

As one follows Hwy. 70 east you descend a hill and cross Texoma on a long bridge which has a paved jetty on the other side of about 1 mile.

It almost looks like the Gulf Islands seen from Vancouver. Oh wait it's 100F., bone sucking dry and the crickets be singin'.......woof!

After our lunch engagement, we continued to Dallas for dinner another couple meetings, a quick sleep and then started to head home. We decided to come up
I-35 for a change and saw this lovely porcine smoker. Better have a lot of meat if you're planning on firing up this oinker!

Upon approaching Ardmore OK we started to see roadside signs for Cloverleaf. As neither of us knew what Cloverleaf was we stopped in to take a look. The entry is lined with bicycles in sherbet colors. The whole place is awash in color,

Even in it's dilapidated condition I could recognize this as a Dodge A-100 kiddie carousel ride from the late 60's. What an adorable reminder of yester-decade.

The entry sports 2 Javanese lions and the pressed aluminum grille of a Ford F-600 series truck. The place is overrun with things to see. Trompe L'oeil much?

One thing that caught my eye, and sweet tooth was this giant display sundae. Oh Lord, I'm glad it isn't real or I would sink into a sugar coma trying to eat it.

I don't know if this trailer is used for overnighters or simply decor but it looks to be mid 50's. It looks like an Airfloat, but there were so many manufacturers that came and went during that era , it's hard to tell the players without a name tag.

Heading west from Ardmore I checked the map and found out we could take a road that passed through Loco. Many of my ardent readers will say you can't go Loco, you're there already. I beg to differ. Here is the Loco water tower.

When we actually drove through town, I couldn't resist taking a picture of the Post Office. It will be here until they hitch it up and tow it away, or build something more permanent. Considering the population of Loco is 122, they may well stick with the mobile variety just in case there's a USPS evac. order.

Just over one hour later we were home again and none too soon. It was high time for a shower and some cheese....behold the power of cheese.
We covered just over 500 miles 3 meals, 2 tanks of gas, assorted road snacks and 2 tired wanderers. Until next time.....ciao bambini!

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