Thursday, January 23, 2014

A Day in the Sun

This was a day for celebration. While the rest of Canada shivered in a cold wind with temperatures well below freezing the sun was out on the Wet Coast. During the winter months cold and rain are the usual order of the day, and when we get a day like this everyone smiles a little brighter, and breathes a little easier.

When I got to the city I kept a sharp eye out. You may have thought it wishful thinking but I could almost smell spring coming, and was looking for the first signs thereof. These are the usual first harbingers--Snowdrops.

There was a Camellia bush quite nearby and I checked it to see how the buds were coming along. As you can see they are still very tight, but I know the caress of the sun and some warmer breezes will soon remedy that.

The Palm Trees are setting their new leaves as last year's yellow and die off. WHAT? Palms you exclaim. Having grown up here I never saw palms except in a conservatory, but the climate has ameliorated and now certain varieties like these thrive. There is a reason they call the Lower Mainland "the California of Canada".

I made a delivery to one of our excellent clientele and saw this outside a house in the same block. I inquired of the homeowner the variety and she didn't know. I will imagine it to be a Flowering Crabapple (rightly or wrongly).

All too soon it was necessary to head home. The sun was setting and I couldn't resist the opportunity to take it's measure with the lens of my camera, I mean phone.

This is a typical view, looking towards Gibson's Landing on the Sunshine Coast. I love the way you can feel your gaze being drawn into the misty distance. Ahhhhh! faraway places.

This is a view looking back south towards Vancouver.The sun is giving it's last farewells just behind Bowen Island and this view is flanked by the stately Grand Fir, and the aromatic Red Cedar.

This is a view across Howe Sound, where the sun illuminates the top of a mountain. The light at this time of day is so ethereal and hard to capture.

This is a slightly more magnified view. It's handy to be able to zoom

Pretty soon I'm rolling down the Murrin Park Hill towards the Shannon and catch a view of Mount Garibaldi, with the Stawamus Chief on the right hand side. This is widely reckoned to be the 2nd largest granite monolith in the world and is a mecca for rock climbers during the summer months, who are itching to try climbing it's 1,368' prominence. All in all the summit is 2,797 feet above the waters of Howe Sound below.

After a quick stop at the grocery, I hurried home. Scooterchick made a delicious Chicken Curry for dinner and then I got busy with something involving Cranberries and Chocolate Chips.....want a hint?

Must eat cookies now....goodbye!!!


Patricia Carpenter said...

beautiful pics, Christo. And the chocolate chip and cranberry cookies are REALLY good. That being said, I think 4 is as far as I should go in one day!

Helen Marie said...

Aww...enjoyed your post and pics Chris...and the yum yum looking cookies! I just ate an imaginery 4 myself..ha.

April Baucom said...

Looks wonderful! Sky, mountains, buds and cookies too! I like the chief and the pink sky. Glad you're doing well PC.