Friday, May 30, 2014

We're all the way in......we're out!

We have not taken any time away for what seems like months, so we have planned a little getaway. The garden is growing, the house is clean and we need a couple days of downtime to recharge.

It was time to load the car, as we were to leave the scooters at home this time.

Here is your genial host, looking as ScooterChick would say like "Harry and the Hendersons."

A quick trip brought us to the border and after crossing int the US of A we made a stop where else? Rosses Dresses for Lesses! We actually found a couple things we wanted to buy for the "new" bathroom. Then we got to the checkout. that's right boys and girls, about 25 people waiting to check out and 2 cashiers open!

We left our items there and left in search of chow.

If you remember our ADV Ride Report " Squampton to the Rose City" we had a meal here on that occasion, and I was thinking "General Tso's Chicken".

 This was ScooterChick's plate, a nice mix of Fowl, Veg and Shrimp. We didn't want to eat too heavily since it was already after 8 pm.

I wandered up to the buffet to see what I could find. so many choices.

They have a fairly good selection, and as a bonus, not everything is deep fried.
As usual for American Buffets there is also Sushi.....sort of.

Here we have round 1. Some of the sort of sushi, some Broccoli Salad and a few Battered Shrimp. By the way the Wasabi was....smooooooooking hot!

Having dispatched Round 1 without too much difficulty I decided to chek out Round 2. What to have....ah yes General Tso awaits. A liberal lashing of Walnut Shrimp. Walnut....really? To top it off, a couple Cream Puffs and pieces of Cappucino Cake. That's right fans, when it comes to Buffet all bets are off and one can have entree and dessert items on the same plate.

While not exactly stirling, the buffet filled the belly and fit the bill. we adjourned to the gas station to fill up for tomorrow's run and checked in to our hotel.

Referring back to our ride report, you may remember my commentary on the coffee that the hotel supplies for it's guests. I won't tire you with details, but I can assure you with every degree of confidence that this coffee is neither Royal nor does it in any way resemble anything you would ever want in your Cup. Nuff said!

Well, you will have to stay tuned for our next post. On to Astoria!!!!

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Patricia Carpenter said...

About that "Royal Cup" coffee.....
Yeah......... No! Just don't do it.....haha.