Thursday, July 10, 2014

Chow? And How!

We spent a little time in the garden this morning, watering and feeding the greens and Scooterchick was plotting another culinary coup. We had picked up most of the ingredients yesterday and after we ran a few errands we got down to work.

I am the first to admit that I can put together enough calories to keep me alive, but it may not taste all that delicious and there's every possibility it will look like a dog's breakfast. When we work in the kitchen, Patsy is the chef and I am a mere scullery lad.

First 2 sweet potatoes and 2 yams were coarsely diced and seasoned preparatory to baking. A large flat cookie sheet is the best thing for this.

Once the Potatoes were in the oven, some Italian Sausage was stripped for the meat and put in a pan with some Rice Bran oil.

You can almost hear the sizzle can't you? While the sausage simmered 2 Small Onions were minced. Once the sausage was halfway cooked, in went the Cibolas!

The Onion and Sausage "worked together while some more ingredients were prepared. Things are happening fast now!

How about a little Garlic? I stripped about a bulb and a half. I used Alton Brown's 2 bowl peeling method which borders on alchemy. Perfectly peeled cloves in about 30 seconds! Then they were squoze in a press into the mix.

I missed a step but got a picture of the result. One bunch of Swiss Chard, and one bunch of fresh Kale, stripped of their spines (to be saved later for soup) and coarse chopped were added to the pan and a little vegetable stock, then covered.

We had thinned the Carrots and the Carrot greens chopped and added.

By now the Potatoes were ready and were removed from the oven.

The Potatoes were placed in a bowl, the Sausage and Greens over top and it was served up. I thought a little Fresh Parmesan was in order.

Scooterchick preferred hers without the cheese. Looks

It was hot, it was impeccably fresh and it was Fantastico!!! Here Patsy is cooling off another forkful. We did have some leftovers, but they won't be left long!

Another culinary masterpiece, simple country food made with panache and that one special!  Thanks Scooterchick. ( I mean Chef).


Patricia Carpenter said...
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Patricia Carpenter said...

The pleasure was all mine. Well, mostly mine, anyway!