Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Slo Mo Snohomish

We left out of Seattle yesterday at around 1 in the afternoon. For a change we decided to go up Hwy 9 from Woodinville, just past the top of  Lake Washington off 405. The last time we were on 9 was when we took our scooter trip to Portland. If you missed that little adventure you can find it here.
 Squampton to the Rose City  This is the bridge we rode over before turning off 9 to enter Snohomish.

We were in dire need of some sustenance and BBQ sounded good. Hey, truth be told....BBQ always sounds good! The place was small.

Here's a picture from the streetside. Did I mention the place was small?
The food was good, the employees quirky and the price reasonable.

Did I mention the place was small? Here's another streetside shot. Yeah that's the whole building. When we arrived there was one car in the parking lot. While we were there about another 12 people came in to eat. When you only have about 16 seats the place crowds out quickly.....

After we ate, we took a tour along 1st St. to see what was what. The first thing you see after a fish restaurant is this mural. It is BIG.

This is the view looking down the street. It is that small sleepy little district full of small antique stores, eateries and bars. "Eclectic" kind of sums it up.

This is the view along the other way on the street. The place was packed out. I eventually found a parking spot so I could get these pictures.

There was a mixture of old and new. The majority of the buildings were "fin de siecle" as they say, built around the turn of the century when the logging business was booming, and there are some infill buildings of modern construction.

This is the view looking east along the Snohomish River. Snohomish evidently means "wet snow" in the Luhootseed language of the local Snohomish tribe of the Tulalip Nation. This attribution was given by a Snohomish Chief, but the attribution is in dispute.

This is Kla Ha Ya park. In the Chinook language Klahowya commonly means "greetings". Some say it means "it will rain tomorrow".

Regardless of the proper definition, I will take it to mean nice view eh?

We drove around a little admiring the town and then carried on up 9. Our next stop was the little town of Arlington. If Snohomish was a sneeze, Arlington was no more than a hiccup.

ScooterChick was amazed when I just sopped in the middle of the street to take a picture of this Firehouse. I liked the look though and thought you might too.

We breezed up 9 and finally go to Sumas where we filled up with some more of that good cheap American gas before crossing the border.

At our current prices this fillup would be $57.32. Yeah....I prefer the $37.82 if it's all the same to you. $20 saved is like $20 you don't have to spend!

Due to our slow roll up the backroad, we got home right around midnight, and after lugging our stuff into the house we fell into a deep sleep.....

Thanks for riding along, see you next time.


Trobairitz said...

That looks like a fun day along the back roads. Love the brilliant red of those geraniums.

Nice stop for the firehouse pic too.

Scootard said...

Thanks B. Just seeing your comment now.