Monday, July 11, 2016

The Raspberry Must Roll

I had been sitting for a couple of days and was starting to feel antsy. Have you ever felt that way? Antsy in your pantsy? Something must be done, but what? You can tell from my expression that something must be done!

Normally I would have a much more pleasant expression on my face, such as one sees in the picture below. My darling and I enjoying the sun at the beach. Don't we look pleased with ourselves? If you were us, you would be too.

Since we live in the Great NorthWet part of the year it is not uncommon to see bears, sometimes many in a day. We have on one memorable occasion seen 9 bears in one day. imagine that if you will. A 9 Bear Day! This young fellow was in the backyard at some friends' house looking for something edible.

The little Raspberry had been languishing under her cover, anxious for any excuse to stretch her legs, and sprint gleefully down the tarmac. Not wanting to deny her the simple joys of her existence, I mounted up and set off for a quick jaunt. Now, you may opine that a largeish fellow like myself on a small and Hibiscus covered scooter would present an interesting picture, and you would be right. My beloved seeing me ride by says " the scooter nearly disappears beneath you, all you see is one guy, and two small wheels rolling hahaha!"  

I rode up the hill from the location of our condo to a new subdivision which is being built out. The usual plan of building had been lots of fairly even size, with houses of similar style. The new model seems to be small lots of unusual dimension, with large houses of every description and little if any aesthetic appeal. They are crammed in, cheek by jowl with unusual and even repugnant design at every turn.

It appears I am reaching a certain age. The age where one looks at "progress" and remarks with conviction "I don't think so"!

The Stawamus Chief stands surveying the top of Howe Sound. At his foot is the highway that leads to Vancouver one hour away. During the summer months this is truly a recreational playground for people who appreciate land, sea or sky and during the winter we endure the rain. The annual rainfall amounts to about 100 inches, or slightly over 8 feet. That'll prune your toes for sure eh!

All too soon our ride was over and Raspberry was ready to go back under her cover until next time. She is a faithful little beast, always ready to carry one to the grocery  store or library. The destination matters not, she is just happy to run.

With herself safely tucked up under tarp, and cover we'll let her have her well deserved rest. Sleep well, little Raspberry and dream your little Raspberry dreams until it's time to run again. Thank you for your faithful service oh thou diminutive beast of burden. Until next time.

Into the condo go I. Like as not, I'll see you soon. Thanks for coming along. Don't forget to subscribe and also visit us at The Adventures of Trippin Sista or Global Impact Ministries 


April Baucom said...

Looks like fun! Too hot here for such escapades.... Maybe in the fall.
Scoot on Scootard!!

April Baucom said...

Looks like fun! Too hot here for such escapades.... Maybe in the fall.
Scoot on Scootard!!

Trobairitz said...

So good you could get out on the scooter. Fun just to putter along the backroads and enjoy the sunshine.

Nico Ward said...

Haha! Raspberry away.Great read!

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