Wednesday, December 5, 2012

At long and keenly awaited missive

It has been too long since I posted. I have no excuse other than............yeah...sorry....I was busy. I know it's a feeble excuse, but when one is grasping at straws, even a feeble excuse is better than none.

We also have not had a chance to ride lately. When the weather today was in the 70's with no wind, the temptation to twist those throttles and discover something new was overpowering.

Before I had even finished ride preparations, Scooterchick was suited and raring to go.

We set off for a favorite destination around here....Meers! They have been serving barbecued longhorn beast since 1901, and Lord is it good!

It's the type of place where you leave groaning under the weight of your repast, having consumed 12-17 days worth of protein in a single meal.

This is part of the establishment. I suppose they just kept adding on to the original building bit by bit as their fame grew and grew and more meat eaters stampeded thunderingly to the table!!

This is the unprepossessing front door. It gives little hint to the lip-smackingness that rests within.

There was one hideous fly in the ointment, no credit or debit cards accepted...CASH ONLY. 

Say what! Oh no you didn't! They have changed their policy since last we were here and we only had an American $10, a Canadian $10 and some change. Time to find somewhere else to eat.

Just down the road we come to Ann's Country Kitchen. This is a cafe, double-wide to boot. A quick perusal of the menu lets us know there is food here that we can eat!

Scooterchick calls this my George Clooney look.
What, sez I?
"Yeah she says, you know from that movie Oh Brother Where Art Thou!" Ooooooooooooooh really!

Then I spied something that piqued my interest. Bison Burger. Served with Lettuce, Tomato, Pickles, Onions and Mustard. I asked the waitress, do you have any mushrooms and Cheddar Cheese. The answer to this query was an enthusiastic yes.

So I placed my order, oh yeah and a large order of onion rings. I wait expectantly!

This then is the result. Yes it was as tasty as it looks, and the onion rings were spectacular. Crunchy, hot and yummy. Could anything top this I wondered?

A picture of the innards reveals the bison and it's accompanying deliciousity.

Oh yes I said it "deliciousity". You had to be there. I ate it all and just looking at the picture makes my mouth water!!!

And the onion rings. Or were they Fun-ion rings?

My beloved has an opinion on that, one best described with a pictorial aide................. Fun? You bet.

She really is an angel sometimes. As if to demonstrate her angelic bona fides she uses a crunchy golden halo to verify her status. What a treasure she is.....

I prefer to use my food to demonstrate my inquisitive nature. What, who or when is often the uestion on my mind. In this case the answer was now....crunch....crunch.....crunch!!!

On the way in the door when we arrived there was one item that I strongly felt was calling my name. It was a piece of Italian Cream Cake. I have never had this before, but it looked delicious.

 I thought it merited my immediate and intense scrutiny. It was full bodied, with walnuts, raisins and coconut and a cream cheese icing that was thick and creeeeeeeeeeeeamy!!!  WOW!!

Scooterchick shot a quick pic of me addressing my prize. I didn't address it long, I vacuumed it up!

So, with a bulging belly we rode back towards our home in Lawton. The sun was lowering as you can tell by the length of my shadow, as I stopped to take a picture. Pat took one as well, of my stopped hind parts....flattering no?

This was the picture I stopped to take, with the sun going down and the shadows lengthening on the winter brown hills.

And so, another sunset on The Great Plains. In this case it's Our Great Back Yard. The leaves are off the Pecan and the Crepe Myrtles and the sunset is lovingly caressing the bare branches. Had I mentioned I love the sunsets here?

We have come to the end of this episode. We had fun and I hope you had fun reading about it. My fond wish is for you to have a good sleep and sweet dreams. Until next time..........

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