Friday, December 21, 2012

Hi Diddley Ho---It's Off To The Mall We Go

Now as any sane thinking individual knows, going anywhere near the mall at this time of year is an exercise in sado-masochism,.......right?

Well that depends. Scooterchick and I were hungry and wanted to scout out a few things so off to the mall we went. say. Well. again....that depends.

We arrived at the mall, checked out the fast food and decided slow food sounded better. There was a new restaurant which we had not tried before, and after perusing the menu, we went in.

There were 6 or more big screens showing Basketball, Football and Soccer all at once but fortunately the volume was low and we managed to successfully ignore them all, and concentrate on the menu offerings.

They also have windows open onto the mall, so one can people watch from a booth.

This was my sandwich, a Clubhouse. I would like to report that this sandwich was excellent. Sadly that will not be possible. I would like to say it was good. Sadly that also will not be possible.

It was however passable, though the fries put in a particularly limp and unconvincing showing.

These were Scooterchick's Onion Strings. I suppose they are looking for a new take on Onion Rings. Unfortunately they failed miserably in their noble attempt. They were cold, greasy and unappealing. I ate a few so that I could give you a realistic impression. That impression is "give these a pass."

The one bright spot during this meal was my appetizer. On offer was a taste treat I had not previously encountered. Deep Fried Bacon. That's right boys and girls Deep Fried Bacon. It appeared that it was dipped in a batter of Flour and Cornmeal together with spices and served with ranch dressing. We both agreed it was the cholesterol spiking, artery clogging,  highlight of the meal. I wanted to get a picture for posterity, but I was too busy chowing down to click the shutter. Sorry.............not really.

This was Scooterchick's sandwich. She decided on a Monte Christo. Typically this is a taste sensation. The only sensational thing about this sandwich was it's lack of appeal. She didn't finish it.

After that deep fried fat-fest, some perambulation around the mall was!
We spied a jolly old elf and Scooterchick could not resist having her picture taken with him. You're never too old for a picture with Santa.

we stopped in Dillard's and looked around. In their seasonal department they had some trees that were spectacularly decorated. Too bad the prices on the trees are for naked ones, I like the full dressed version, and can never get ours to look that good.

Scooterchick couldn't resist photo-bombing me yet again. Well, at least she had fun doing it. So what if I can't take one of these trees home, I'll take her home with me instead.

Now there has been a great deal of emphasis on the judicial system of late, and many cases of verdicts that rankle the senses. Horrid crimes where the perpetrator is adjudged to be guilty and yet sentencing is ridiculously inadequate. Well, for those of you who like myself frequently cry " Is there no Justice?', apparently there remains one bastion of justice, and here is photographic evidence. And it's all on sale at 40% off.

One of the more interesting sights in the mall was a display of the new Toyota RS-A. For those of us who are gear heads nothing more need be said. For the uninitiated it's a totally new type of Toyota, and is powered by a Subaru Flat 4 "boxer" engine and has an excellent power to weight ration. Since the engine sits so low in the chassis, I have heard that it corners as though it's actually glued to the road!

In addition to that it's a drop dead sexy little package, and I would like one in my stocking on Christmas morning. Even for the weekend, even for a couple hours with a twisty road ahead......

After we left the mall we passed by a relic of Old Lawton, the Fairmont Creamery. The Fairmont Co. came to Lawton in 1905, and local farmers would set up carts and stalls on the weekend next to it as a sort of Farmer's Market. This building was built in 1929 and had 100 employees making butter, cheese and ice cream until the late 70's with Farm Fresh taking over and continuing production until 1985.

The building is being re-purposed by it's current owner. With 70,000 sq.ft. the possibilities are vast.

Our report comes to an end here, we have survived the mall, and now intend to go to Wal-Mart to do a little shopping, but not until after midnight when the crowds thin out. It will be madness at least until then, and we can go later. Between midnight and seven a.m. it is very quiet and peaceful.

Rest easy, enjoy your slumbers...we shall shop. Hasta manana!

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