Sunday, January 6, 2013

Pork, Post, Chow and Royalty

When one ventures out of one's normal locality, there are sometimes unusual delicacies available. While not all of these delicacies are those which we can heartily endorse, it is interesting that they do exist. Not being Andrew Zimmern, or even Anthony Bourdain, there are things which I will gladly forgo. This particular gastronomic treat, I will give a pass.

Yes my friends, they are pig heads. That's right the entire head. I have no idea how you would even cook that. Or serve it, or stomach eating it. The amazing thing is that the store has two of them. How hungry would a person have to be to buy two.........weirdness abounds.

We happened to be on post the other day. By "on post" I mean we were on Fort Sill. This is the largest artillery training base in the US. It includes thousands of acres of training area that are leased from the Commanche tribe on a 100 year lease.

We thought we would get a couple pictures up in "officer country". They have fabulous old homes that are assigned to officers living on post. They speak of a time when architecture meant design not just utility. They must be expensive to maintain. with the amount of exposed wood.

We thought we'd take a quick pic of us in front of this lovely old building. Gosh darn it, we're a good looking young couple ain't we?

Yesterday we took a trip up to the City. While we were looking around we spied Joe's Crab Shack. Yes we stopped in and had a good meal. It is kind of expected that whenever we see a seafood place, we're going to stop.

Joe's also doubles as a clothing store. All sort of Joe's related material at great prices. If you can consider $16.99 for a t-shirt a good price. I can't.....

The decor is suitably beachy. Fish and related fishy bits abound. Oh yeah, for some reason the decor includes lots of neon. I'm not sure why that is...

Other bits and bobs of nautically related kitsch include mounts of various fish and waterskis, surfboards and the like are everywhere.

If you have a taste for seafood, you could do worse than to Eat at Joe's. In spite of the fact that it has a chain store feel, and they are continuously checking to see how the food is, can they get anything else, and did we leave room for dessert the food is good. 

From Joe's it was off to another favorite stop while in the city. Bass Pro Shops. Think of a Super Walmart, then double or even triple the size and fill it with every conceivable type of hunting, fishing and inland boating accessory, as well as numerous taxidermy mounts of every type of fish, fowl and game known on the continent. Then throw in a 15,000 gallon aquarium and that about sums it up.

Immediately upon entering, this handsome fellow sits to greet all visitors. I am only glad that it isn't the rut, else he would have a decidedly nasty disposition. For those of my readers who have little experience with the oddities of elk I can offer this little snippet of interest.  Please excuse the ad intrusion, I didn't place it there.

If cold weather should threaten to spoil your outing, they have hats. Here we have a lovely little number fetchingly modeled by the darling of the tarmac, my Scooterchick.

This same worthy lady also fancies herself the captain of the vessel below. They sell them fully kitted out, bimini, outboard and all. Not to mention that you can buy every type of fishing gear available, before you depart with your purchase.

Here is a full frontal view of said Bass Tracker, well upholstered, speedy and ready for a day on the lake. Fishing, skiing, tubing, anything is possible.

The next stop for the day was Hobby Lobby. This is a store which sells home decor, floral design and every type of craft supply imaginable. They also have seasonal decor, art galore and occasional furniture pieces as well as all types of fabric, pictures and frames and knock knacks galore. What a shock to a humble Canuck such as I when first I wandered into this emporium.

The floral aisles alone take up 12 full rows. The abundance of floral supplies make any type of arrangement, for any occasion an eminent possibility if not a foregone certainty.

Here we have another picture of my queen. She was kind enough to pose complete with crown for a I a commoner to snap a picture. Thank you your majesty.

After our departure from Hobby Lobby, we attended the local Googleplex (actually only 24 screens) to see the movie Lincoln. Although not as thrilling as Les Mis, it was very well done, and offers a window into a particular chapter of history that had not been portrayed in cinematic form in the past, and it was an excellent representation of the difficulties with the passage of the 13th. amendment to the US constitution. We thoroughly enjoyed the show, and the education. Of course we got the AARP rate and so saved $2.50 on a ticket.

And so speedily home at 75 m.p.h. and to bed. Now we bid you a pleasant good night.

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