Thursday, January 24, 2013

Trip prep. yep!

Well you can probably tell I haven't been doing that much musing lately. That's not exactly correct, some musing has in fact taken place, but I haven't had that much of a chance to post as we have been getting ready to hit he road for the long trip back to the Great North Wet!

Part of that preparation involved doing some yard work which was overdue at our home in Oklahoma, details of which are on my darling Scooterchick's blog at and to take care of the last minute details that are always necessary prior to taking a long road trip. Since we will be travelling west then north on our return, it comes out to about 2500 mi.

We will be stopping in CA to visit Scooterchick's brother Herb, and to spend a couple days in San Francisco. Our first overnight stop will be Roswell NM. " Cue the Sci-Fi movie music". I don't anticipate that we will be seeing any extraterrestrials, or interstellar craft but the possibility remains.

I never thought I would be in Roswell so it should be interesting and I will do my best to present accurate reportage of the experience. Perhaps I can find some pancakes that are out of this world!!
In any case our anticipated departure is Saturday a.m. although our original return to the rain and cold was November 21st., then December 8th. and finally January 13th.

Since we have always considered our schedule and destination to be at the discretion of and at the timetable of the Almighty, we weren't welded to our plans in the beginning. What a long strange trip it's been. Since arriving here we have been in Dallas, Argylle, Williamsburg, Jamestown, Norfolk, Yorktown, Richmond, Moore, Oklahoma City, Vernon, Medicine Park, Altus, Gotebo, Walters, Geronimo, Duncan and other towns. You would have to check previous blog posts to see which ones I have forgotten.

We both love to go places, see things, meet people and eat stuff. How fortunate for us that being in love with each other comes easy to us. We love so many of the same things. Scooterchick even tried skiing, mad props to her for attempting it. She didn't care for it, but she tried! We went para-sailing in Mexico, we both love museums and places of historical interest, and trying new foods.  

So it falls to us to take care of laundry, some final trimming, a haircut and packing and it will be time to hit the road. I am looking forward to it. In my imagination you are looking forward to hearing about it.

Good night to you. I'll be talking with you again soon....

P.S. This is an old picture of us at Horseshoe Bay- old to us, new to you. Cheers!

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