Saturday, September 7, 2013

Rollin' on the River (with apologies to Tina)

Our time in  Budapest is winding down to a close but there were still a couple of things of which we wanted to take advantage. Our Hop On - Hop Off privileges were still valid and we were in a hopping mood. We had gotten a power cord for one of the laptop chargers that would work with Euro outlets and needed one more so we headed out. We checked at the local Media Markt (future shop) and they had one for 3199HUF. The other one we purchased was 600HUF. I think we'll go back to the other place.

Here is my beloved waiting for the subway. We took the Green Line to Deak Ferenc and then the red line to the stop before Keleti to purchase the additional cord.

They had one cord left. We paid, thanked them and left to seek some food. Believe it or not there was a Burger King almost next door. We decided to see what they had.

We started with coffee....and went from there. After looking at the Menu Board, Scooterchick decided on a Grilled Chicken Whopper.

The chicken whopper tasted like chicken. The chicken we get in North America doesn't taste much like chicken anymore, so we usually try to season it to get some flavor out of it. The Euro chickens taste like chicken used to taste, before the advent of chicken factories in Canada and the US.

What better to go with the chicken than some onion rings. These ones were hot like lava when delivered. I guess the Hungarians don't much go for them and both Pat
are big fans of "the ring."

I went with the BBQ sandwich. It was average. Because we had ordered combos they promo'd us a couple coffee cups. Mine was blue, Scooterchick picked red.

This is a picture of Keleti Train Stn., from which we will departing on Sunday morning. There is a lot of construction going on here, but I don't think it will delay our departure.

We hopped on, the Yellow Line this time, since we had ridden the Red Line yesterday, and cruised around town. Many of the same sights as yesterday from different angles.
The one notable difference was the Dosza Gyorgy monument. Dosza was a Hungarian patriot who raised a small army of followers who revolted against Hapsburg rule. He was poorly trained, poorly equipped and ill fated. His rebellion was crushed and Dosza himself was executed by placing him on a fiery throne and placing a fiery crown on his head. I guess if people revolt you don't just kill the leader, but you make a spectacle in example of him, so no one else gets any bright ideas any time soon.

These were some of Dosza's followers. They were mostly landless peasants who were armed with agricultural implements and sharp sticks.........d'oh!!

There are other pictures of the day, but most off them are duplicates of stuff I have already posted so I will spare you. Late in the afternoon we got back to our metro station and stopped in a coffee shop for a little snack. What to pick? Hmmmm....

We settled on a piece of cherry cheese cake and coffee. Both were good.

End of post today, get ready for tomorrow though, it'll be epic!


Helen Marie said...'s hard to believe you are not even halfway thru your adventure! See you in Slavakia :)


Scootard said...

Thanks Helen. Slovakia is sooooooooo different from Budapest. Enjoy the read.