Saturday, September 21, 2013

Traipsing About the Countryside

We headed out for a bite this afternoon. Our destination was Chickasha, to try something different. When first we arrives, we found a second had store, so did a little browsing. We also found a lovely lake, Lake Burtschi which is a fishing lake built and maintained by the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation.

We ended up stopping in a place called the Boomerang Diner which is a 50's style Diner. As soon as we came in I saw The King.....uhuh-uhuh-uhuh-uhuh. Apparently Elvis lives on at least in Chickasha!

The style was unabashedly 50's-60's. The food was handmade and delicious, if not particularly imaginative. My beloved had a Burger and Rings, as did Swee'Pea and I had Chili , Cornbread and Rings. The Chili was slamming, the Cornbread moist, but the real star of the day was generally agreed to be the onion rings. They were crisp, fresh and tasty.

I should have liked to show you pictures, but the food didn't last long enough to photograph. I was dispatched, rapaciously!!

The pie selection was extensive, although we were all too full to sample any...

As we were leaving, we came across a wall of buffalo. These beasts were thundering across the plain, or at least across the wall of a local bank.

The fall approaches, and the Pampas Grass if in full feather. They were simply luscious at the intersection of the main road and the bank.

We decided to return to Lawton by the back roads. Along the way, we passed through 4 small towns. Two of these we have introduced you to before, Fletcher and Elgin and this was our opportunity to acquaint ourselves with Cement.

This was the entrance to the town. It was more substantial than the town turns out to be. Cement has a whipping 530 people.

Three blocks down we came to the end of town, with the Cement Fairgrounds. It was as deserted as the rest of the town. We actually saw 5 people in Cement, though 3 of them were children.

On the way home we decided to stop and take pictures. This is Lake Elmer Thomas, which you have seen before, but not in fall.

We went up Mt Scott, which at 2,464 feet stands only 823 feet above the surrounding landscape, although with a flat landscape, 823 feet of prominence gives you quite a long view. This is a view of Lake Lawtonka, which supplies drinking water for Lawton and Fort Sill.

This is a view from a little higher up and encompasses the end of Lawtonka and Elmer Thomas. You can see the long view appearing.

This is approaching the top, another view of Lake Elmer Thomas. It is quite a bit more extensive than it looks from ground level.

The sun is beginning to set. There is a tree stump which has decided against all odds to pose alluringly for photos.

Here is the view looking south towards town .

I thought I should give another try to the Panoramic setting on my phone. This looking North West to North East. It is a marvelous vista especially at sunset.

Here are your friends, smiling in the evening glow.

Here are Scooterchick and Swee'Pea mugging for the camera. I think the shutter may have clicked a little prematurely.

This one seems better timed. They are smiling in unison this time.

As the sun sinks below below the western horizon, Dusk falls over the land and our time draws short. The colors can't really be satisfactorily captured with the lens. The colors are really rich and varied, as are most western sunsets.

The colors continue around the compass and tinge the horizon with pastel colors.

As the sunset fades, the colors deepen and a soft light falls over the landscape. The temperature has begun to cool, the breeze is freshening as it drops below 75F.

And so our day of traipsing comes to an end, and so sadly does this blog post. I bid you a pleasant good night.


Patricia Carpenter said...

it was a good day and that burger was slammin although I could have used a lot more onion than what was on it. Very cool indeed!

Scootard said...

Perhaps we should visit that place again? It was good. Thanks or hangin' out.