Thursday, February 26, 2015

On The Road Again

The time has to come to head west, so we loaded the car and left out at ODark30. Actually it was about 3 minutes to 6 a.m. which is our typical time to roll. Poor ScooterChick has been suffering with a cold so she napped while I drove. This accounts for the lack of pictures.

The temperature was about 28 when we left Lawton but got progressively colder as we headed west. Our first stop was Memphis TX. about 130 miles later.
As we headed further into the Panhandle the temperature dropped and the road iced up. We dropped the speed from 75 or 80 down to about 60, even 50 in heavy spots. I had no desire to spend time in the ditch and I know ScooterChick would have been likewise unappreciative.

Our next stop was Clovis N.M. We topped off the tank, and I got some truly horrid gas station coffee. Yes, I guzzled it down anyway. You can see the accretion of slush frozen on the side of the car.

The wheel wells are developing come interesting clingons. You can see where one small slab of frozen slush dropped off when the door closed.

For some reason the slush froze and then was added to while we drove. It looks as though it has been combed toward the front of the car. Weird eh?

This is another picture of the carefully coiffed slush ice. Unusual no?

Westward we rolled from Clovis towards Roswell N.M. We failed to see any aliens, although we speculated about their whereabouts or even if they exist. The road is long, with nary a winding curve. (With apologies to the Hollies - He Ain't Heavy / He's My Brother)

By the time we stopped at Roswell the slush ice had thickened and changed shape. God does have a sense of humor doesn't he?

The decor of the wheel arches had become quite pronounced by now.

The rear wheel wells looked as though someone had attached fender flares on the trailing edges.

We continued on past Ruidoso then across Apache Summit, 7,590ft. and down into Tularosa. We had stopped here before. You may recall a previous post with the world's largest Pistachio Nut. We would pass it soon as we approached Alamogordo.

As we pressed on westward we made a quick stop at White Sands National Monument. For details refer again to the previous post.

The Architectural style is  Pueblo Southwest. I really like this style, Patsy not so much.

As we rolled past White Sands, we approached the Organ Mountains. These are very abrupt and stark, and the interplay of light and shadow was very appealing.

A little closer, a little lighter

Closer yet. The shafts of light through the holes in the clouds. Breathtaking.

Over the summit of San Augustin Pass (5,901 ft.) and downhill into Las Cruces, we still had time and decided to push on to Deming. We picked up a discount hotel flyer and found a Best Western with breakfast of uncertain quality for $62.99 including tax.....score!!

The car, dirty and careworn after a long day. 651 miles today, and we earned every one of them. We will also have to find a Car Wash to sluice off the dreck.

ScooterChick stretches her legs. After sitting in the car for close to 12 hours a leg stretch is very much in order. Tomorrow we will  push on to L.A.

A bite to eat, a hot shower and I feel rejuvenated. Now for a hard fast sleep. Talk with you later.


Scooterchick said...

Man it went from freezing cold to not so bad after all. What a ride!

Trobairitz said...

Those ice formations on the car are quite something. I've only seen it once before when we've been driving and that was years ago.

What a difference between the ice and snow and the desert landscape of where you spent the night.