Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Where you been so long?

I know, I know I haven't been that diligent at keeping you filled in with my whereabouts, or my whatabouts.

Is that even a word...it is now! 

We have been busy planning our return to the Great NorthWet, and will be leaving here at the end of the month. I hope to have something of interest to report along the way.

But first some food. We happened to be out the other day and went to a place we enjoy, Johnny Carino's.

We started with some Calamari. If it were just squid, we might feel otherwise. This however is Calamari. It was okay, I've had better but usually closer to the ocean. This was clearly frozen then fried.

We had some Caesar Salad which was predictably crisp and savory. They always offer fresh coarse ground pepper for your salad and I usually load it up!

I followed it up with a Gorgonzola Chicken with Angel Hair Pasta. It was exquisite. Creamy Cheesy and hot.

My beloved opted for Jalapeno Garlic Tilapia. She usually orders this dish and it is always yummy. They also serve you Fresh Hot Bread with Crispy Fried Garlic in Olive Oil.

After leaving Johnny Carino's we traveled East to take a look at Lake Thunderbird. There is a well maintained State Park and a boat launch. It is much clearer than the lakes downstate (in our area). This one almost looks swimmable. We should come back later in the year.  info here.  I was looking around for shorts as the temperature was 78F.

Here is a shot of the inimitable ScooterChick. We love traveling together to see new places, meet new folks and try interesting new foods.

The sign at the entrance to the park.

It was late in the afternoon and we started heading back to Lawton. The sun was sinking low in the sky as we ventured south.

I really enjoy flatland sunsets. It is so dramatically different from our place in Squampton and there's the added side benefit of traveling everywhere at 120km/h. The distances get eaten up pretty quickly.

I thought I should include a scooter picture. Soon we ride!!!

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Trobairitz said...

Safe travels to you two as you head back to the PNW. Our weather has been lovely lately. Hopefully it won't be rainy when you get back.