Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Fun Sun Run

Yesterday morning was sunny and warm. I thought I would stroll around the neighbourhood prior to a little ride and take a few pictures. It is usually the case that if you have pride in your surroundings and try to make the place look nice, the nieghbour has cars up on blocks and trash strewn around his yard. This is one of the nicer fall displays visible from the road a couple blocks away.

Out of deference to the poor sod's sensibilities, I won't show you the appalling condition of the yard of the house next door. It is clear that this fellow is just happy to bring a little joy and pleasantry into his little neck of the woods.

As I carried on walking  I spied a tree with what looked like oranges on it. It could have been kumquats I'm not sure, and I was sure that I wasn't walking up on their lawn to take a closer look. 

Depending on their mood it could be a "Howdy-do", or a tail full of buckshot. Discretion being the better part of valour, I continued on after snapping my picture.

A couple blocks later I came to a small lake. This one is called Liberty Lake, and is in the middle of a residential neighbourhood. I believe it is spring fed, and also serves as a catchment for runoff stormwater. The city aerates it and stocks it for fishing under 15 or over 65. I took a picture of some ducks,

and some geese, now I know where they go for the winter......hahaha

I will say that one must tread carefully on the sidewalk  to avoid the plethora of Goose Poo. Everytime I see these guys, I can't help wondering how they taste roasted.....hmmmm.
Here's a shot looking from the Goose beach area towards the end of the lake, showing the fountain which aerates the lake itself so it doesn't stagnate.

There were a couple young fellows fishing at the end of the lake, so I inquired about their luck and they said they had 2 catfish and 1 turtle. I looked in the bucket and the cats seemed to be about 10" long. I didn't see the turtle. I have had catfish before, and it's not bad if a bit bland. I cannot report on the edibility of turtles however! Here's a closer look at the fountain at the south end of the lake. Quite pretty.

Heading back to the house, we got ready to head out for a little ride. Scooterchick has done a "hillbilly seat mod" to her scooter similar to mine in an effort to improve comfort and legroom. Time for a shake down cruise. Here she is garbed and ready to roll.

First  we had to partake of a little sustenance. Where better than to head down to the mall and hit up Charlie's Cheesesteaks. Yeah, I know the only real cheese steaks are in Philly, and Charlie's seem to get a little skimpier every year but there you go.

We decided to ride out to Geronimo, a town named after the legendary Apache warrior. there are 1282 people in Geronimo, and judging from the look of the town many of them are infrequent residents. I think we saw a half dozen people while we were there, and some of them we saw twice. We had put a little seafoam in the tanks for good measure and filled up on the way home.

Here's an on-the-road picture of my beloved. I had pulled over to take a picture of some Pampas Grass at the side of the road, and couldn't resist a pic o' the Chick. Here by the way is the grass in question.

So ended another nice little outing. I would show you pictures of Geronimo, but there wasn't anything picture worthy there. Sad but true. In the evening we went to a local coffee house where our daughter was singing. She was all the way on, and she can sing! The other guys backing her up....not so much!

So I sign off for the nonce, wishing you a pleasant evening.

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