Saturday, October 27, 2012

Rollin', Ridin' and Eatin' oh my!

We woke up at 8 this a.m to head out to a breakfast meeting. The meeting was 80 miles distant. we jumped in the car and headed up the highway. I love U.S. highways. In Canada there are few highways where it's possible to travel in excess of 60 (100km/h) and side roads here are posted higher than that.

The freeway is posted at 75. (120km/h) and there are some posted higher. Thus the meeting was about one and a half hours away. We arrived at the specified location, another eatery we have never tried.

We met with Renee and John, and had a wonderful visit. They are great folks who live in Oklahoma City, and it was good to share some fellowship time with them and some food. did I say food?...

Scooterchick elected to have a build your own omelet. It had Spinach, Cream Cheese and  Mushrooms topped with gravy and it came with grits and pancakes. The grits were so thick you could have used them for mortar. She had to add hot water to thin them out.

Now as to the name Jimmy's Egg. It is a restaurant that was founded by Vietnamese immigrant Loc Van Le a former railroad inspector 30 years ago, and who signed a master franchise agreement with another local businessman in 2010 and there are now 31 locations. Still Jimmy's Egg..........?

As to my choice, prepare yourself..... I had pancakes with Bacon and Cheddar Cheese.....that's right my friends.....Bacon and Cheddar.....God bless the USA.  And they were goooooooooooooooood!

After our visit with Renee and John we headed out. One of the more unusual sights we saw was a scale railroad locomotive. Very realistic in the grosser details, absolutely non functional, but cute as a button. It was (of all things) an advertising piece for a dental practice. Dentistry....go figure.

We went downtown and looked around. We had an errand to run, but the office was closed. Downtown was eerily quiet for it being the middle of a weekend day.

We followed that with a trip over to the State Capitol (the only state capitol with a producing oil well on the grounds), which was unsurprisingly closed as well....drat and double drat!

Just down the street is OU medical center and they have Life Flight Helis parked right outside. Could not resist a pic of this one....looks fast even sitting still! This one is a Eurocopter EC130B4. With a cruising speed of 150MPH its a get in, get out fast rotor wing.

We took a couple minutes to stop by a favorite spot in the city...Bass Pro Shops. Here's Scooterchick trying on a sexy ATV for size. She found it comfortable.

Apparently it fits. We managed to restrain ourselves and left without buying it, or anything else today.

Apparently the side by side is looking pretty good too. Who knew I married a gear headed girl. That's soooo cool. She is continuously on the hunt for the "perfect scooter". Search on Baby!

At the back of the store is a huge fish tank with a wide variety of finned delicacies. Catfish, bass and others up to 50 or 60! At the edge of the tank and on top are other display items.

One one side is a stuffed grizzly in an upright pose, claws outstretched and above him, a man frantically shinnying up a tree to get away. On the other side is this climber ( on belay) being overlooked by some curious mountain sheep.

Above the tank itself is a hunting camp during the holidays, complete with pickup, canoe, cabin and holiday lights. All the decor is ridiculously professionally done. Everywhere you look is something awesome, I am continually saying "Whoa look at that." And I've been to BPS many times. 

We turned a corner and "Whoa". When you have a moose to smoke, this is your smoker. I'll bet if you get it truly stoked up and put it on rails it would beat the 4:20 mail express to Albuquerque on the AT&SF railroad.

We turned another corner and there was a small fox resting on a display. If you look closely you will see something unusual about this particular mount. Let me know if you see it.

Here's Scooterchick about to head back to the ranch with her hunting wagon. By the look of that horn she either bagged a big one, or found a cast off in the woods. (hmmmmm.....bleached with root?)

We got home around 4:40 and decided that the temperature had raised up to about 50F, time to try out the Airhawk seat. Here it is prior to install. Will it cure the dreaded Monkey Butt? It oughta.

So off with the Lambswool, on with the Airhawk. The moment of truth is close at hand.

We headed up the road toward the Hwy. At the freeway entrance is one of the gates to Fort Sill. In one of my previous posts I mentioned Ft. Sill.

It is named after a former local newspaper publisher who was a civilian aide to the Secretary of the Army and WW2 veteran.

We headed out to Medicine Park where Scooterchick was determined to conquer that plank bridge. She was not to be denied, nor was she to be deterred. I was detailed to document the momentous event.

Here she is after a brief pep talk ( look at the end of the bridge and you will ride straight through) entering the bridge itself.

The light is already fading and here she is partway across. So far so good.

Almost there, c'mon Baby, you can do it. She says it was around here that she started to look down and see the gaps. At this point she became a little.....shall we say "wobbly". You can make it.

Here she is accelerating off the bridge and onto the pavement.....HOORAY! At this point that I could hear her as she rode by, " Oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God." He knew you could do it too!

We pulled into a parking lot. Scooterchick needed a minute to decide if she was going to vomit, so I took a picture of this cool old truck. It looks like a 41 Ford with a 454?....just guessing....

After my baby caught her breath we stopped here for a bite to eat. Every time we have been here in the last 4 yrs. it has been closed. I like the occupancy restriction sign.

We got the scooters parked and headed inside.

Having parked and made our way into the restaurant without chucking her cookies or blowing chunks, my darling engaged in a little bit of exultation over her feat. You deserve to feel good about overcoming this challenge darling. You are the champion my friend.

The restaurant is a little unusual in that it has 2 mature oak trees growing through the dining room. The diners on the left were curious about my picture taking so I told them that they can check my blog this evening and receive their 2 minutes of fame.

There is also a patio for those who want to dine al fresco. With the mercury dropping south of 50F. we chose to dine in.

This is the view from our table. The little lake is another impoundment of Medicine Cr. and the restaurateurs sell food for the fowl, fish and turtles below. There is also a small waterfall on the opposite bank.

This is a picture of the dreaded bridge, which now having been vanquished returns to it's proper dimensions. Take that you ridiculous piece of engineering you.

We headed back to Lawton in 42F temperature and full dark.

Was I chilly?  Not in the least. This was due in no small part to a Nitro jacket and Tourmaster gants which Forrest, he of Forrest and April fame has generously donated to the cause.

With a long sleeved shirt it would probably keep my toasty right down to freezing. Thanks again for the wonderful gift Forrest. Here is the new jacket, modeled by the ever irrepressible and exceptionally well garbed Scootard.

And so, it being well past pumpkin time for this sleepyhead, I bid you bonne nuit.

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