Monday, October 22, 2012

A Tender Tushie Tale

As everyone who has been following our peregrinations knows, the dreaded and long-standing nemesis of riders around the world, the ubiquitous "Monkey Butt", has been an ongoing challenge for myself and for Scooterchick.

My first attempt at remediation had been humorously referred to by myself as the "hillbilly seat mod". I started with 2 seat cushions from the local whatnotery, laminated them with double faced tape and used shrink wrap to attach them to my seat.

This ridiculously shaped and incongruously coloured solution actually served 2 functions. Not only did it provide a softer ride courtesy of the addition of an extra one and a half inches of cushioning, it also gave me about two and a half extra inches of legroom.

The lack of legroom on the Maj had proven problematic on rides of longer than an hour.  The extra legroom was very welcome....but there was still room for improvement.

I wasn't the only one that felt that improvements could be made. When we came across a sheepskin car washing mitt Scooterchick felt this could be an ideal solution.

We started with the mitt, and the first order of business was to remove the elastic cuff.
The stitch ripper and razor knife were quickly called into play.

The cuff having been removed, the next item on the agenda was to rip the stitching down one of the side seams, and thus the glove would be opened to it's full (and "tush sized") glory.

The next chore was attaching the skin to the seat of the scooter. Fortunately the elastic cords the Chick used in her last mod were still on the bike and proved to be just the right size to attach the new skin.

Here's a picture of the new skin on the scooter. It has yet to be "road-tested" for comfort and efficacy but high hopes abound. We intend to test the new farkle tomorrow and I believe the dreaded "Monkey Butt" may have at long last been vanquished.

This will undoubtedly lead to longer, more comfortable and I confidently predict 58.2% more enjoyable rides. Admittedly this is an estimate, but I don't believe I'm being overly optimistic.

Here we have my beloved Scooterchick taking a memorial picture of the newly enfarkled "Miss Vicky" ready to roll.

A full report on the immense success of this modification is to follow. I wish you a cheerful good night.

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