Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Trip To The Colonies

Day breaks in old Virginny. Sorry for rhapsing whimsical, but when I saw the sunrise, I wanted to capture it. This is outside the unit in which we are staying.

This is a front view of our bolt hole. Each unit has 2 suites, and the windows to the left of the door are the kitchen. The upstairs windows are our bedroom, and our friends have the bedroom at the back overlooking the deck and forest beyond. Though quite compact, it has everything one needs 2 1/2 baths, washer/dryer etc. Even a "Garburetor", For those reading this post who were born after 1970, that means a kitchen disposall. Fancy Schmancy!.....

This is a picture taken on Colonial Parkway. I wanted this particular shot because of the bridge with autumn foliage seen through it. Sometimes things just catch your eye and......

This a picture taken the other direction. The road is reserved from development so it's nothing but forest all the way along to Yorktown, another historic site. Very serene, too bad we don't have our scooters with us. It's a perfect scooter road.

Just a little further along and we find the entrance to the visitor center. We arrive with great anticipation, and lovely weather, cool but perfect for walking.

On the other side of the road is a split-rail fence. In the early days of colonization, this would have been one of the easiest ways to mark boundary lines or contain livestock. Split some pine trees lengthways, quarter them and then pile them up.

 Here is the auto dropoff at the visitor center. I dropped the passengers and drove off to park.

After finding a place to park, I followed the signs which purported to lead to the visitor center. I followed the signs and ended up at this row of flags, and coincidentally at another entrance to the building. There were steps leading down and a sign pointing the way.

Going down the steps, reveals a fountain and plantings along with plaques. I needed to meet with my party, and didn't have time to read the plaques to find out what they denoted.

Once inside the visitor center I rejoined my beloved Scooterchick and we spent a little time orienting ourselves to the area and planning our tour of the town.

We retrieved the car, and drove down to the auto accessible areas of colonial Williamsburg. This is the Williamsburg Inn. Lovely accommodation if you can afford it. Midweek rates from $480-560!!!

Here is a closer picture of the entrance to the Inn of great price. I am sure it is lovely to stay in a 17th. century surrounding, and some day perhaps we'll spend a night here.......NOT!

This is Duke of Gloucester Street. The main thoroughfare through the town. The streets are blocked off from traffic so it's a pedestrian only zone. It was very pleasant walking through the town.

The fall colors are largely done by now, but there are still a few trees in their fall finery. This is one example of a tree turning. This is an oak. and there are a number of other trees here that do not grow in our area.

This is a picture of North Nassau Street. Doesn't it look peaceful? Yes it does!

This is a picture of a private home. Can you imagine living here. It must be lovely and peaceful, if you discount the hordes of tourists during the day.

This is a re-enactor that takes tourists around in an open carriage. Of course there is an extra charge for this, but you get a historical tour of town, in a period correct carriage with period correctly attired driver.

Close to this carriage stop, there was a store filled with items that might have been found in the late 1600's. Most of them were made to the same or like standard. In the back room of the store there was a store of canned goods and an office area, with a ledger and desk.

This is a small alley way between the buildings. It looks as thought they jammed accommodations and outbuildings on almost every square foot of their lot.

Here is a picture of a maple tree in full color. There were people clustered all around so it is as likely a meeting place now, as it was back in the day.

This is another picture of the same tree with the courthouse in the picture. I don't know if the courthouse is still in use, but the stocks were located outside, since publicly shaming a miscreant was often sufficient to prevent recidivism.

This is another example of colonial architecture. Apparently they built em' to last, since these houses were constructed in the late 1700's and with care, are still standing

I found this one interesting as there are 2 doors. The lower floor was office or retail, and the upper by separate entrance was the living quarters. It seems they required less room than we do to live in.

This is the front view of a lodging house. The sign advertises 16 rooms for gentlemen or ladies. Boy and girls apparently need not seek lodging.


Here is another picture of my beloved Scooterchick vogueing for the camera at the colorful maple.

Here is another retail emporium, art this time I believe. I didn't even enter this one, in case I should see something I like. I do believe investing in art is a good cause, and it will last a lifetime.

After walking ourselves to a near frazzle, we went looking for some chow. Like most of our vacations, we usually start with a late breakfast, skip lunch then eat dinner. This time it was Golden Corral. I have developed a strategy that stands me in good stead at Golden Corral. Load a plate to capacity with salad, then eat other things if there's room! That way I am not loading up on carbs, protein or dessert!

Returning to our digs, we had a cup of decaf, watched a movie and blogged until 11 o'clock, when it had gotten to the point where I had to say "I can't,............ I just can't" and took my tired self off to bed.

Although I am just going to continue with today's shenanigans....for now I say good bye! 

Oh yes.....before I sign off.... here's a link so you can explore for yourself.

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