Saturday, November 3, 2012

Catch Up You Say?

I do feel remiss in not having posted for a couple of days, so I'll try and bring you up to speed. We drove to Texas, stayed with friends overnight in their home. Here is a  picture of the main gate into their community. The community has pools, a PGA golf course and various other recreational activities.

Another friend arrived to take us to the airport. With the work that they have been doing on the highways immediately adjacent to the airport we did have to go in a roundabout way to get there but we arrived safe and sound. Although the design of DFW probably looked good on paper, from a driver's perspective it's pure madness to get in, around and out with sanity intact.

Once we got through TSA we just had enough time to by some lunch to take on the plane, and get to our gate and they were starting to board. Here is the adorable Scooterchick, searching for a wifi signal. and no she does not in fact have 11 fingers on her right hand. My picture taking ability failed to freeze herr hand in mid-wave.

Once we got boarded and settled into our seats we decided a glamour shot was in order. We fortunately got preferred boarding and so were settled and comfortable and in good order while the rest of the passengers were still filing in.

Having gotten the glamour shot out of the way, I elected to toss in a shot of us acting goofy and making goo-goo eyes at each other for contrast. We're ready for take off.

Here's a shot out the window. Fascinating no?.......No!

Here's a picture of my lunch. Having purchased food prior to boarding we manage to avoid the $11 package of peanuts. They are still serving coffee and soft drinks, but they come now they come in 5oz. portions.....sheesh!

Needless to say, a Smoked Turkey sandwich with Cream Cheese, a Mountain Dew, (DO IT!!) and Chocolate Brownie came in very handy. Delicious, and about 1/3 the cost of airline food.

We had enough time to listen to a couple episodes of Vinyl Cafe, (thanks Stuart, very entertaining, particularly Dave's speech to the unprepared college students.) and we arrived at Richmond Virginia.
Flying into Richmond looks very much like parts of northern B.C. Maybe around Quesnel.

We picked up the rental car and drove about 40 minutes to our destination, King's Creek Plantation, where we will be for a week. It is a good sized resort, with duplexes that are very comfortable.

Once we got checked in we got our bags to the unit and got settled in. The main floor has a kitchen with breakfast bar, living room with fireplace and doors out to a deck, with greenbelt behind.

The deck is small, but large enough for a couple Adirondack Chairs and table and a sunny Eastern aspect. Here we see Scooterchick in the doorway admiring the view.

Here's a picture of the kitchen. Although small, it is complete with dishwasher and flatware and dishes etc. We have to stock up on coffee and foodstuffs at the local Super Target.

First things first though, time to eat. We did a quick search and found a likely place. I dropped everyone off and drove to park in the back. Here's a gazebo just off the walk up to the front door.

Here is the walk up to the door, It is a collonaded passage, with brick paving and columns and a wide and pleasant aspect. One could imagine a sunny afternoon, a pitcher of lemonade, a rocker and a cool breeze. Couldn't one?

This then was our destination. There are a few other locations of this place, and their specialty is seafood buffet. Right up my alley or galley I should say matey..........aaaaaaaaaarrrr!

Entering the dining room, there was a large water feature, which emptied into a pool, and thence into a watercourse that ran 2/3 of the length of the restaurant. The "creek" was replete with plastic crustaceans, lobster crab and such. Hokey, I know, but it didn't affect the quality of the food at all.

It wouldn't  be fair to show you the restaurant without showing you the checkout counter, complete with T-shirt sales and so on.

The main dining room is capacious, but separated into various areas, each seating 40-50 people and separated from the other areas, so they maintain a fairly intimate dining experience. This can be contrasted with other buffets, where the general din is all encompassing.

This did feel more like a dining experience, although there was a fair bit of up stairs, down stairs and all about the place to get the food. The selection was varied and well prepared with a heavy emphasis on what else, seafood.

Here is Scooterchick waddling out to the car. It was the sort of place that when the waiter inquired if there would be anything else, one could in all truth reply "just a wheelbarrow to roll me out to the car if you please."

Surprisingly the roses were still in bloom, although fading with the chill November air. The temperature as I write this this morning is just over 50F. Glad we brought jackets, it was 88F in Dallas.

There was a large oak across the parking lot. Quite majestic, as we don't have too many oaks in our area so this was a pleasant sight.

We stopped to pick up a few things at the Target Superstore, and returned to our accommodations about 10:15 p.m. Needless to say, I waited until midnight before going to bed, according to and due to the degree to which my stomach was stretched. And so to bed, to sleep perchance to dream. Ciao!

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