Sunday, March 31, 2013

A quick trip to Ma's

Hello all:
It has been quote a while since I made made my last post. Did ya miss me? That question was somewhat rhetorical since I believe you as the wise and tender hearted public that you are can decide if you did or didn't. Regardless.....

The evening before our departure a few preparations were made. We did a little grocery shopping and one of the things Scooterchick was keen on, was making some more hot sauce since we had finished the last batch before our departure south. Accordingly, peppers of several varieties were purchased, processed, fried and preserved in a jar, ready for tasting upon our return. This picture I call "The Incipient Incendiary Experience." Let me tell you, this stuff packs a wallop. Several wallops in fact.

Scooterchick and I had a little work to do on Thursday before a quick drive uphill of about 250 mi. to visit my Aging Mater. We had to make a few stops in town first. One of the things I like most about spring is the profusion of color. Here we have primula in a bed near one of our suppliers.

As you can tell from the trunk of the car, we don't travel light unless we are on our scooters, and the trunk is packed with just the necessities for the weekend. Oh yeah there's also some more clothing, shoes and a cooler in the back seat.

Just a couple hours east of Vancouver and we are climbing up toward Manning Provincial Park. It is named after Ernest C. Manning, a very distant relative who was the Chief  Surveyor for the Province of British Columbia. As you can see winter still has a grip on Manning Park.

My intentions were to fuel up in Princeton and use the facilities at that time. Sadly my body was convinced it should not cooperate and demanded that a roadside stop be necessitated at Sunday Summit, that second pass on the Hope Princeton Highway some 25 minutes west of Princeton.

 Fortunately no "dash for the bush" was required as they have toilets immediately adjacent to the highway.

Here is a picture of my Ma and Scooterchick discussing something of great import upon which the fate of the world and all it's inhabitants may or may not depend.

My Mother appears to be holding forth in fine oratorical style, though my beloved looks somewhat dubiously upon her assertions.

This is a picture of Okanagan Lake from the deck in front of my Mother's house. It's a pretty view and there is almost always a cooling breeze blowing either up or down the Lake.

After many hours of inflicting tedious vacation picture viewing upon my Mother who was at various times enthralled, interested, attentive or dozing, I finally came to the end of the narrative (a new fangled version of the old fashioned slide show) and travelogue, and only now have a minute to update you.

Here is a picture of such rare beauty that it cannot be reproduced often enough to suit me. One image on my laptop, the other by HDMI cable to my Mother's TV. That's right it's my beloved Scooterchick.

I shall have to continue our conversation later. Thanks for riding along.......

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