Sunday, March 17, 2013

It's What We Do

This post will include a couple days in the life of Scootard and Scooterchick. Whenever things slow down (as they will form time to time), it seems my darling gets inventive in the kitchen. One of  stops of late was at a restaurant where they served some redonkulously good food and Scooterchick has been itching to try to replicate it.

This masterpiece of cuisine has a creamy Alfredo base, and added to that are artichoke hearts, Portobello mushroom, fresh spinach, sun dried tomato, fresh squeezed garlic, thyme, basil salt and pepper all drizzled over grilled chicken and farfalle paste. Then for the piece de resistance it is topped with some crumbled Stilton cheese...........yowzuh! Here is pictorial proof.

Someone was brash enough to inquire about tasting the leftovers. I was straight faced when  I replied "what leftovers"?

As you can imagine after our absence there were things to be attended to so we needed to go to town and deal with some customers. It was a pleasure to see so many in one day, and to help with their needs. Soon enough it was time to eat so we went to one off our favorite dim sum places.

In the elevator I took a shot of Scooterchick, looking cool as the breeze in her go to town garb.

She thought I should get a picture of us together getting ready to chow down.....okay then!

I tool a couple of shots inside the restaurant in a surreptitious way. If you look at the first shot you may notice the absence of a certain type of person.

Here's another shot to illustrate my point. Yep, the place was packed and nary a fan quai loh to be seen. That's a sure fire way to tell if you're in the right place. If there aren't any white folk, it's are in for some really good food.

The meal starts off with a pot of Jasmine tea. This arrives at your table before anything else. They know you want it. Want something else? You'll have to order that special.

At this particular restaurant they have been kind enough to place a rudimentary English description alongside the Chinese characters.

First on the list today, barbecued pork bun. These guys have a unique twist on them. They give them a light coconut icing. I love them.

Next we have garlic prawn spring rolls. Simply divine. Crispy, oozing with garlic and filled with fresh crunchy prawns. I think I'm in love.

Now we have some dumplings of prawn and scallop, wrapped in a rice noodle sheet. These were delightful, and topped with herring roe.

Last but not least was the pork spare ribs with chicken feet and sticky rice. While the chicken feet are a lot of work, they are delicious.

This is what's left after I have sucked, chewed and slurped every bit of goodness off that foot. Yum.

Here we have two happy scooter folk leaving the restaurant. Gao Dim, m'goi m'goi (all done thanks a lot).

We shuttled around the city for a few more hours. We ended up around 5 p.m. down by Coal Harbor. We had a reservation at Kobe for dinner. We spent a few minutes admiring the yachts and then found a place to park. Be forewarned though. Vancouver has adjusted their downtown parking rates, and a meter is now $4.00 per hour. These rates apply 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

We were fortunate to have been gifted a certificate for dinner. We were ushered into their lounge and found some comfortable seats. The menu had some interesting offerings. 

We had a dynamite roll, which is a fairly standard West Coast offering. It has a tempura prawn, cucumber and cream cheese along with the rice and noritake.

I apologize for not getting a better picture of the calamari, which were delicious.

We had a sashimi salad, which was sashimi tuna, combined with avocado and green and white onion and served with handmade tortilla chips ( for a little mexican twist.) It was spectacular.

We had enough room left over for beef short rib. This was so fall off the bone tender and delicately and sweetly spiced that one's tongue rejoiced with each bite. By the time we finished this little morsel, we had no room for anything else. 

After we finished eating, we drove to North Vancouver to take in a movie. By the time we got out off the movie at around 9:30, we drove home and got back around 10:30. A long day but a satisfying one, spent with my favorite person doing what we do.

Thanks for reading along, coming along and I hope you enjoyed the day as much as we did.

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Patricia Carpenter said...

I cannot believe I ate all that Asian cuisine in one day..ha. I usually need a little more variety than that in one day. But both were very good....:-). Thanks to our good friends who treated us to a dinner date that evening.