Monday, March 4, 2013

We head north-ish

Alright I know I'm flogging a dead horse with all these overpasses but c'mon........

Now we stop at the beach. I had been promising Scooterchick a trip to walk on the sand and it was time to live up to my promise.

The surf was pretty tame today but there was still fun to be had, playing chicken with teach other and the oncoming waves.

The divider between the seawalk and the sand was a modified Jersey Barrier. This one featured dolphins.

The bathrooms/changerooms were done in the hacienda style and were well equipped.

The surf continues to roll in  unabated. When asked what lies west from here the only answer is Japan.

Here is another one of the barriers, this one featuring gulls and a shell motif.

The houses on the bluffs overlooking the ocean seem one good rainstorm from cascading down said bluffs and onto the highway. In point of fact they do so from time to time.

We drove into Santa Barbara to try and find a parking. We ended up using the restroom at a gas station when we filled up.

Now it was time to make tracks as we continued up 101 towards San Francisco. The hour grew late and we needed to make tracks. The hills are getting brown already.

These pictures are taken from a rest area.

The rest area, like others is done in the hacienda style. I could live here, but travelers would have to find other facilities.

The sun went down and our hunger rose up. We stopped at Johnny Carino's for some chow.

We checked into a Ramada Limited in San Bruno CA. And now we are almost up to date. Hope you are having as much fun reading about this trip as we are making it. Ciao.

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Patricia Carpenter said...

Very cool picks of the jersey barrier thingee. I didn't get the sea shell one...:-(. But I did get the Dolphins! haha