Saturday, March 9, 2013

We return

We continued our travels northward from Grant's Pass. We stopped at a Rest area and noticed that they have a program to employ the disabled at these facilities. I have never been in a cleaner rest room. Kudos on the concept and effect.

The Gardenia are in bloom and are a well known harbinger of warmer days to come. These are in Coburg Oregon, which was a town with a lot of RV industry until the bottom fell out in lat 2007.

We arrived at our destination for the night and checked in. The sun is setting on Renton WA.

Earlier in the day we had stopped at a McDonald's before we left Oregon and this picture is out of order, but I included it because of the water feature. A little entertainment whilst in the drive through line?.....why not.

This is our hotel for the night. W e have stayed here on 2 previous occasions. The rooms are large and the beds are soft.

We met a lovely couple for dinner. Bubby and Shawna are good friends with whom we minister and all round fun folk to share a meal and a good time with. We went to Claim Jumper.

I can's see this chandelier without thinking of Gaston from Beauty and the Beast, when he sings "I use antlers in all of my decorating" My what a guy that Gaston.

I decided to forgo the Motherlode Chocolate Cake this time, last time I ordered it it took me three days to finish it and I had help from two other people.

This really is the Motherlode if you likes your chocolate cake. It's massive and at about $10 a slice it's actually underpriced.

The doors are etched with their logo which includes a miner with a Pick, hat and bandana.

We did get The Brownie Finale, which came with whipped and iced cream, a maraschino cheery and chocolate drizzle...............oh my.

We also got a Raspberry Cheesecake. It was equally scrummy!!

After a rapid night's rest we ended up attending an appointment and then having breakfast at Shari's. I chose the Cinnamon Tastetation, which had a cinnamon bum cut in half then dipped in egg and fried like french toast, together with scrambled eggs, hash browns and thick cut applewood smoked bacon.

Scooterchick elected to go with the Garden Omelette which had Spinach, Chopped Tomato, Green Onion and garnished with Sliced Avocado....oh yeah.....and sausage.

The final picture in our little odyssey is one more oil change. This makes four oil changes since we left, and we had it changed just before we left. I like these guys, LOF and a fresh air filter for $52.
This service would be about $70 in Canada. I prefer the $52 thanks.

And so our little trip comes to an end. We covered 23 states, a little over 10,000 auto miles. as well as about 2,000 scooter miles and 1,000 rental car miles 10 time zones as well as uncountable mountain ranges and at least 8 deserts. We also drank gallons of water coffee and Gatorade and ate at least 10 bags of Beef Jerky...........what a long strange trip it's been. A wild ride indeed.

I have been blessed with the company of good friends, the good wishes of inumerable strangers (yes Ganin I'm referring to you) and the prayers of many who labor with us in ministry and have been doubly blessed by having the love of my life the incomparable Scooterchick for my riding and travelling companion. Mad props to my baby for putting up with my hijinks and foibles all along the way!!

Thank you also to my faithful readers, who, although you don't often comment support my musings
Here's to you, you know who you are.....until next time....

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