Saturday, May 4, 2013

It's a Spring Thing

Well, it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, and time for Scootard and Scooterchick to head out and explore. The only drawback is that we couldn't manage it mounted, since our iron ponies are still in Oklahoma (where the wind comes whistling o'er the plain). This bush is right across from where the car is parked, and has long white flower brachts. I don't know the variety but it's pretty.

We drove downhill to the city and toured the canyons slowly (to paraphrase Joni Mitchell from her song Nathan LaFraneer) and I managed to catch this shot. On the left side of the shot is a church built in the early 1900's - on the right side is the old BC Hydro building which was built in the early 60's - and in the center an office block that was probably constructed shortly after the turn of the millennium. 

We made our way down to Richmond and stopped for some lunch. My darling is taking a shot for inclusion in her blog later. This is very common, we photograph places, scenery and folks, but mostly food glorious food!!

For lunch today, it was Insadong Korean Restaurant. While Korean food is not my favorite, Scooterchick loves Pork Bulgogi! I ended up having a Korean Tuna Roll, and Gyoza.....This was however the first time I have ever used stainless steel chopsticks, which are rectangular in cross section rather than square or round. They seem to do the job equally well.

We carried on after lunch looking in garden shops and seeing stuff, and then I took Patsy to Finn Slough. This is a backwater community (and favorite of Bob's) that was settled by Finnish fisherman in the 1880's Although moldered and decaying the community is still home to about 30 residents. I took this picture because the gillnetter moored here has the same name as one of our grand-daughters.

Some of the homes have decayed to the point where they are no longer habitable, and some have been lovingly tended, restored and/or rebuilt for permanent residents. This one is called Dinner Plate Island School. Why is anyone's guess, because it is not located on Dinner Plate Island, nor is it a school.

Here is another house with some interesting architectural detail. The lack of railing on the front porch assures careful visitors, and the roof over the entry is also very interesting!!

Access to Gilmour Island, which is the barrier island between Finn Slough and the Soouth arm of the Fraser River is an adventure. It has a wooden drawbridge to access the island and the homes located thereupon.

For those who have an interest here is a link to some Finn Slough history
There is also a notice board where residents and visitors can see the latest news, and upcoming events.

After all that excitement a coffee was called for. We went to Steveston and visited an establishment called Rocanini. These guys have a fresh take on coffee. They offer several different types of beans and when you order they grind some beans and brew it fresh with each cup.

I had Nicaraguan coffee which was full bodied, slightly acidic, with an earthy undertone and a slightly fruity finish. Scooterchick had Colombian which she tasted and described quite succinctly......tastes like coffee!

We also ordered a little tidbit. I wanted cheesecake for my baby and a brownie. I found out what I got was a flan and a chocolate mousse. (more on the mousse shortly) It turns out Scooterchick cannot get anywhere near custard, so the flan went back in favor of a delightful raspberry cheesecake.

Scooterchick offered me a taste of her cheesecake and it was almost vaporous in it's consistency it was so light. The raspberry filling and glaze were full flavored and made a happy complement to the creamy  cheesy and delicious cakeage which was topped off with 2 batons of white chocolate and 2 fresh raspberries that made one pucker with their burst of flavor.

Lest I get too far ahead of the story, let us return to the Mousse which was altogether delightful.

 The Chocolate Mousse itself was very light but created a moist sweet explosion in one's mouth when ingested. It was coated with powdered cocoa, which was then passed through a gentle dusting of confectioner's sugar, which created a stippled finish on the top. The crust was a flaky pastry like  substance which first crunched, then melted in one's mouth with a nutty and somehow citrusy flavor.

I can not recommend this too highly. The experience far exceeded my expectations, and I left wanting more but at the same time fully satisfied.

Immediately outside the coffee shop is the major intersection of Moncton and First Avenue. It has an interesting crosswalk, which has an all-way crossing every second light. One can cross in the traditional directions but also diagonally through the intersection. This is something which I have only ever seen in very congested big city applications.

This sign is indicative of this area, since it shows the location in Steveston Village and references the Community Center across the road.

Here is a picture looking back towards the delectable Rocanini. The whole area has a very village like feel to it, and there are a lot of people strolling and bicycling around the locale.

As we strolled down the street we passed a clothing store with a classically attired mannequin in the window. Imagine Scooterchick's shriek of surprise when the mannequin moved. This is a new thing they have been trying out and the girl in the window gets a variety of reactions from laughter to shock to horror. Some people have actually reacted in fear. We found it hilarious!

Across the street was a small marketplace with gourmet foods, cafes and fish markets. It was cute but tiny. Barely enough room for 20 steps down and a further 20 back.

One of the stores was a gourmet market and features an interesting variety of comestibles. We looked in but did not enter. It looked like the sort of place where one could quickly rack up the Visa with goodies.

Outside the store there was a variety of plants growing in the window box. I love to see the plants in bloom and I am sure that I am not the only one who feels thusly.

We were thinking about catching a flick and when we looked at prices for the 3D IMAX showing of IM3 which opened today.  We found prices exorbitantly usurious so settled for heading back to our little shack in the bush and watching a  movie we had purchased some time ago,but had not yet opened. It was a remake of Town and Country. Drama, with comedic elements. We enjoyed it.

Here is a parting shot of the Stawamus Chief seen from the creek near our house.

Here's hoping y'all have a great weekend. We will, after all it's laundry day and what other small pleasure can equal the sensation and smell of clean laundry, still warm and fresh from the dryer. 

Talk with you later! 


Patricia Carpenter said...

It was a good day after a very long and tiring week....:-).

Helen Marie said...

Glad you got a little R&R :) after an intense week

Helen Marie said...

Incase you didn't get my last comment...I said "Glad you got a little R&R after a challenging week :)