Friday, May 31, 2013

Smoke Em' If You Got Em'

As many of you know, our previous posts have been heavily scenery and food oriented. We love to see new and interesting places and we love to eat haute or even not so haute cuisine.

Before we left Canada we had the good fortune to find a smoker/grill. One of my friends suggested that if we couldn't find room for it in the car, we should just drop it off at his place.....hahaha. Here is the box of promise.

As is usually the case with these things, the box contains and almost bewildering assortment of bits, pieces and whatnot. Somehow I have to make sense of the plethora of stuff. Aha, sez I to me, there's a book of instructions.

Incroyable! Cette livre d'instruction est en Francais! Now, that having been said, and while I parler Francais un peu, they also had one in English. I turn to page one and start looking for parts to assemble. Here is the assortment of constructibles laid out in haphazard fashion.

Let's see. Tab A fits into slot B. Nothing is quite that simple. I started to put pieces together, and ended up with this unlikely looking contraption. so much for part 1.

Once I had the bottom of the Gizmo affixed to the Whatchamacallit, it started to look a little more like a useful appliance instead of a bewildering assortment of stuff.

The next thing to assemble was the lid. Affixing the chimney and handle came next. Once the appurtenances and whatnot were added it was time to put the topses to the bottomses.

The warming rack attached, the side rack mounted and we're almost done

The tray to hold the coals ( adjustable) and the grates were added and the directions said, You have completed the assembly.

The completed assembly. Now all that remains is the cleanup, the briquettes and the meat, meat and more meat. Once the fantastical machine de cuisine has been tested, I will report the results.

In the meantime bon appetit!


Robert Wilson said...

The fact that your wife allowed you to build that in the house stupefies me. My girlfriend would never allow such a thing!

Scootard said...

Hi Robert.
On the day in question it was about 93 degrees outside. Even with the air conditioning on I was sweating and muttering under my breath about an adequate instructions as I assembled it in the living room. I also made sure that I cleared up all the debris that naturally follows such an exercise.

You have to admit though it looks good, and I'm looking forward to an opportunity to try it out. I will blog the results.