Saturday, May 25, 2013

Oh, my aching self!

There is a certain primal satisfaction that comes with working in the dirt, but it comes at a cost. This is particularly true for those of us who aren't used to bending, lugging, digging and planting. Of course the local home improvement outlets are only too happy to take our money. The pile below contains 10 bags of mulch, and 1 bag each of composted manure and potting soil.

We had a new fence put in back in February, Now we needed some climbing plants to fill in the gaps in the cyclone fencing. We got 4 honeysuckles to plant and they will grow vigorously to fill in the fence. The big bonus is that they smell awesome and will flower all through the summer and fall.

We also got petunias, hosta, caladium, lilies and blue star laguna.

The caladium are really pretty with bright red leaves.

This is the bed in the carport, complete with hosta and caladium. We did a little remediation for the soil and it is topped with bark mulch.

We got some very nice lilies which will be put along the south side of the garden. They are a little less tolerant of full sun. We decided on two colors, yellow and red.

On the side of the yard we put hosta and astilbe. The hosta may need to be moved, because there is more sun here than we had previously thought. The astilbe is far enough back to be in the shade.

The last thing to go in today was a hydrangea. it should do well here and almost fill this space under the kitchen window. The space is about 5X5'.

The pile of supplies is gradually dwindling. Now we need to get on with the back yard, the side yard and the honeysuckle for  the fence. Thank God for hot water to shower with and Aspirin.

This completes my little narrative. The only thing that doesn't hurt on me is my typing fingers. Thank you for following along. Talk to you later.


Patricia Carpenter said...

Your're a trooper, Christo! Thanks for helping me with all of this. I have been sitting here thinking:
Aspirin, motrin, or morphine? ha.
But we are almost done. Thank God!

Scootard said...

Thanks for putting up with my moaning, groaning and bellyachin...haha

Helen said...

You're both,my. It's looking so bright and colorful:)...Thanks for all your hard work...and spreading some joy and wonder to behold.