Monday, September 22, 2014

Equal Parts Diddly and Squat

We had a relaxing day today, though we ran an errand first thing. We awoke to cloudy skies and a light sprinkle. Quite the change from the sun of yesterday. This is the view from our window. Downtown Seattle is about 13 miles due South.

About noon we found ourselves on Martin Luther King Way in Columbia City. Seattle is quite large but has not lost the neighborhood feel as all the small towns were absorbed into the metro area. I found a place to park so I could get pictures.

This is Columbia Station on the rapid transit line. This line runs from downtown to SeaTac Airport. It is smooth quiet and fast, unlike the rapid transit system which seems to have been breaking down with increasing frequency in Vancouver.

This is linked with a bus stop that serves the local area. The artistic flair of these venues is unmistakable.

This is what really caught my eye and prompted me to pull over and get my camera ready. I've never seen anything quote like it. Seattle is a city of surprise art.....well SURPRISE!!!

I had to get closer to check this out. This is a closer look at the blade of the shovel.
It is covered with all types of artistic greenery.

This is a look skyward up the handle of the shovel. It has to be at least 30 feet tall and is covered in artistic greenery all the way up.

This is a view of the back of the shovel blade. For reference the blade itself is eight or nine feet tall.

 Nearby is another art piece shaped like a magnifying glass. Who comes up with this stuff. I mean, who?

We stopped for a bite to eat, and Scooterchick spotted something promising. Being originally from Philly, there is one type of sandwich which she is always on the lookout for. Can you guess what it is?

Well this place passes muster. The cook is from Philadelphia as well and knows his grill. The sandwich was better than many others we've tried that advertise themselves as Cheese Steaks. This one met the criteria.

We drove around for a while looking at stuff and talking and found ourselves at Central Market. Every time I am there I find myself amazed over something. This time it was hamburger buns. Are you planning a barbecue? There are ten varieties to choose from, plus they have two other fresh baked ones!!! Say WHAT?

This is one (yes you heard that correctly) of the three cheese aisles!!

In keeping with their country folksy theme they even have a Farmall tractor from the late forties outside. Believe it or not, I know how to drive one. Who knew?

So much fun so little time. Now I rest. See you next time.


April Baucom said...

Nice rail. I can really dig that shovel.....If I was 30' tall. 3 aisles of cheese??!! I may faint....seriously. lovely altogether.

Trobairitz said...

Loving the shovel!!

Looks like you two had a great day. Hoping to see you tomorrow.

Scootard said...

So much cheese, you NEED a shovel....hahaha