Tuesday, September 30, 2014

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

We slept in this morning and got up at 06:15.

After loading the car and having a quick bite to eat we headed towards the pass through the Organ Mtns. that were in yesterday's blog. After crossing the pass we came to an ICE check station.

After ascertaining that we were not a threat to National Security we began to pull away. As we rolled out I heard a rhythmic clicking sound. Now any driver on a long distance road trip can tell you that a new and unexpected sound is not welcome. A clicking sound is likewise an unhappy situation and a rhythmic clicking is actually cause for further investigation if not downright alarm.

It turned out to be a left side wheel bearing on the trailer. It is good that we stopped, rather than looking back and seeing burning grease and smoke. Very well then, off with the tire and hub.

I took the blown out pieces out of the hub and we left the trailer while we went in search of parts. We covered the trailer and headed into town.

Welcome to Alamogordo. It will not be necessary to repeat the name three times.
Our first stop was the parts store where the bearing I needed was identified, but not in stock.

Next stop was Tractor Supply. Fortunately they had what I needed, so we headed back out of town to effect repairs.

When we got back to the trailer, I went to work with gusto, or at least enthusiasm to make the repair. All went well, well not exactly. As the bearing had burned up a few pieces were shall we say "welded" to the hub. After getting filthy, while avoiding using filthy language, I knew what we needed to do.

Welcome to Alamogordo...again.

Back to Tractor Supply to procure some more parts. They had everything we needed on the shelf, including a roll of shop towels and some hand cleaner.

When I went to purchase a new hub, my beloved Scooterchick suggested I get two hubs. Her belief was that if one hub was cooked, the other could not be far behind. As it turned out, not too far indeed.

Now that the hub has been changed I am again a happy camper. I am trying to get cleaned up with limited success.

Here is the completed job, ready to roll on. Our little delay has only taken 3hr. or so. We are prepared to continue, and perhaps find some eats.

Here are your intrepid travelers all smiles again.

So.....welcome to Alamogordo....again!

This time I had time to take a few pictures of interest. This is an advert for a local eatery.  Sunset Run   We sadly didn't have time to sample their wares.

I'm thinking 1937 Chevrolet, but I stand ready to be corrected if you know better.

I also made a point of taking a picture of the giant pistachio. That's one massive nut. Some day we will stop and buy some, but not today.

We blasted on through the desert, past Tularosa, Ruidoso and Roswell until we needed to stop at Elida for gas.

This is Elida. There is one gas station, and we availed ourselves of the services by filling up with gas and using their facilities.

Qu'elle surprise!!! The other bearing was not just blown but actually in the process of cooking when we stopped! 

I parked in the shade and set to work removing the wheel and hub.
By now it was if not a fine science, at least a practiced art.

The bearing was toast. The hub was so hot I took it apart, and actually had to get ice from the convenience store to cool the stub shaft so that the new hub could be installed. I finally managed to get it cooled down to about 125F. and fit the new hub. In short order we were ready to roll...again.

Unpacking and installing the new hub was a breeze. Easy peasy as they say!

Reinstalling the tire, less than 20 minutes later. Haha.

The completed job. Just like the other side, new hub dust seal, inner and outer bearings, cotter pin and dust cap. Oh yeah, cleaned a lot of grease off the wheel.

Shortly thereafter we passed through Portales and got some takeout at Subway to eat on the road on the way to our destination.


We are now comfortably ensconced in the Travelodge in Clovis N.M.  We only made 295 miles today, but thankfully have exactly the same distance to travel tomorrow. When we checked in here we unloaded the car and the first thing I did was to jump in the shower.

A distressing, one might almost say alarming amount of dirt came pouring off the me. In spite of all the hand cleaner and soap I used cleaning up during the day, a veritable dirt and oil slick went down the drain.

Ahhhhhhh! Now I feel better, less like a grease monkey and more like a person again hahaha. Well good night now!


Scooterchick said...

holy moly.... what a day. I will be happy to be home tomorrow!

Trobairitz said...

Good thing you have skills and Pat had the foresight to get two hubs.

Glad to see you two still smiling after the day you had.

April Baucom said...

Welcome to your Home on the plains of Oklahoma!

Scootard said...

The new hub fiasco is still fresh in my mind, and the grease is still in my knuckles, but repair and maintenance is a part of life, and a part of my attitude Brandy,

Thanks April.