Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Short and Sweet?

I would like to give you a mile by mile and blow by blow of our day, but it has been long, full and tiring so I'll give you what I do have.

Here is a shot of the sunrise over Lake Washington from our hotel this a.m. The time is about 6:45 a.m.

We stopped to meet an acquaintance in Corvallis for lunch. I dropped ScooterChick at the pre-arranged spot and looked for parking. I finally found it
about .4 mi. away. Bit of a hike yeah? This is the Post Office I passed on my way to and from the car to the restaurant.

This is a plaque on the wall of the PO.

After lunch we carried on. The day grew noticeably warmer from about 60F. at lunch to 83F. by the time we stopped to use the washroom at this Pilot Travel Plaza.

As we left I took a picture of the back of the trailer. I also caught the red truck and looking at his left front tire I thought, he might not travel too far on that! 

Shortly after that we checked into our hotel in Grants Pass Or. We had a quick dinner with some folks we know here, had a nice time of fellowship and now I must sleep. More tomorrow.....


Trobairitz said...

Ahhh you found one of our many old brick buildings. Believe it or not Corvallis, when it was known as Marysville, served as the capital of the Territory in 1855 before Salem was selected. It has a long history.

So glad you two stopped by, and I thank you once again not only for going out of your way off I-5, but to taking me to lunch too.

Glad you made it to Grass Pants without issue. :-)

Helen Marie said...

Grass Pants....lol. Glad you are enjoying your trip :)

Helen Marie said...

Oops sorry Trobairitz....thought that was Scootard's text....:) Hope you have a sense of humor :)

Trobairitz said...

No worries Helen. I do have a good sense of humor.

I was telling Chris at lunch that some locals in Corvallis refer to Grants Pass as Grass Pants and when I talk about it I have a hard time actually calling it by its proper name now.

Scootard said...

Grass pants.......hahaha