Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Two Rascals on the Loose

The summer is on the wane, yet there is still time for an outing while the sun yet shines. I rode to Richmond to get a massage from Elaine, who I have nicknamed the "Furious Fingers of Death". She knows how to find every knot. I always feel so much better afterwards, but this is coupled with a feeling as though I have been put up against a wall and seriously worked over with brass knuckles. If Deep Tissue Massage is your thing, they are at Gold Medal.  $33/hour--such a deal!

The short term pain I have to pay for a long term pain free existence is worth it. Never mind all that let's ride! On the way back through town I gave Rascal an opportunity to indulge himself looking at some of Vancouver's fine Craftsman Style architecture. This type of home is never out of style.

We drove down by Granville Island public Market for some more scenic shots.

Here is the vertical version of the above shot, showing the Burrard Street Bridge (which has been a favorite of mine since the early 1960's and the passage from False Creek into English Bay.

A little further along and across the bridge I stopped to take this picture of English Bay with the freighters lying at anchor and waiting for their turn in port. There is a large Granite Inukshuk which the city erected to welcome visitors to the 2010 Olympics. This is an Inuit invention that means welcome or showing that they had been there.

I thought it might be nice to have a bite to eat at the beach, to which Rascal affably acceded. We parked at the boat launch at 14th and Argyle in West Vancouver.

The parking lot was full as many people are out catching Sockeye at this time of year. By the time you pay fuel and supplies, it probably works out to the same cost as supermarket Salmon, but it's so much fresher when you catch and eat the same day.

The Wild Rose are still blooming along the fence to the Sailing Club. They have such rich color I couldn't resist a picture.

I could have inquired of Rascal what we should have for lunch, but he would say "What do I know, I eat gasoline!" I settled on some Chinese takeout from Osaka.

I decided on Stick Rice and Prawn Garlic Spring Rolls. Dig in! You can see the Sea Gulls in the background looking hopeful. Yeah.......no!

I had promised at the beginning of this post that there would be two rascals. Up until this point we have showcased only one. Nothing wrong with "scooter porn"
Some of you may point and snicker, others (in the know) will drool.

Accordingly, here is the other rascal, dining alfresco with rocking tuneage, a smile and a mouthful of sticky rice, featuring you know who in the background.

After lunch we stopped at the Post office to collect the business mail. Here Rascal smells the flowers.

This is a picture of Rhema, who is such a help to us while we are away by forwarding our mail and other chores, along with a friend of hers from Mexico. I  think her name was Alvira. She wanted to know what a rascal was? "Un nino com un whirlwind" I explained in Spanglish. Oh...ok she said thoughtfully, or was that a total lack of comprehension.

We hit the road to head back to the ranch, and stopped to take one more picture. These are the Olympic Legacy Cabins at Porteau Provincial Park.
Description and Rates  a bit out of our price range but very affordable for others.

Altogether we logged just under 100 mikes (156km.) and a wonderful time was had by all. 

This morning I received news that our friend BobSkoot passed away in his sleep last night. He was a jovial sort, friend to all and always ready with a cycle related story. He had completed a cross country ride last year and the fraternity of motorcyclists will be diminished by diminished by his passing. Heartfelt condolonces and prayers go out to his wife Yvonne and grieving family.  


April Baucom said...

My condolences to Bob's family and to all who mourn his passing.
Such lovely roses, water, bridges and peoplses. Slobbering over Rascal myself. Maybe in a year or two!

Patricia Carpenter said...

Geeze, I should have gone along! At least for the lunch! ha Nice pic, honey....:-).

Trobairitz said...

A cute post about your ride, it looks warm. Are you two looking forward to rain as we are?

Sad about Bobskoot. Found out yesterday it was two weeks ago he passed in Nashville - heart attack in his sleep. He will be missed.

Helen Marie said...

I'm sorry to hear about Bob. Now your post ....you are so funny...and I really enjoyed it :)...yes good pic of you too. It was rather odd to not see AP though. But it was bonding time with Rascal eh...ha.