Sunday, September 28, 2014

Fall Off The End Of The World much???

I have not had the energy, time and inclination to post in the last couple days, for which I apologize. I will try to rectify that with this post. When last we spoke, we were in Fortuna CA. getting ready to head south. Forthwith....we continue.

Every single time...I am in awe. How, I mean seriously!

I had to turn the camera end on to even get the flavor of the height.

Here we are. Happy!

Further down 101.

How's this for an aloe?

At a rest stop along the way.

We stopped just before the Golden Gate Bridge to pay the $21 toll. Sheesh!!!
I snapped this picture just before a National Park policeman came and yelled at me for stopping beside the freeway.

We ended up in Portola Valley for dinner. We chose the Lobster Shack.

They had a variety of floats on the wall. Each one is a different color so "Lobstah Fishamen" can distinguish which traps are theirs.

I ordered Seafood "Chowdah."

And Fried Oysters.

 Scooterchick ordered Lobster Mac and Cheese.

And Coconut Prawns.

Here SccoterChick enjoys her Lobster Mac.

Skipping to the next day we stop again to eat. Looking out the window gives a clue to our location, but a bare clue. Here's a hint. we're in San Luis Obispo.

It's IHOP!

Skip to much later. It's now about 10pm and we're chilling with our daughter.

Here's Scooterchick the next day, wearing my hat at the mall.

I parked in this parkade. Does it look different? That's because there are 4 lanes of traffic overhead on the Marina Fwy.

This is the Westfield Mall.

This is a picture of ScooterChick and Tracey in front of a Banana Plant.

We went to Venice Beach for dinner.

Parking was just plain weird. we finally found a spot for $7.

the restaurant we chose was James Beach. Here 2 beauties peruse the menu choices. There are so many excellent things to choose from.

It was a nice restaurant with excellent service.

They had a lovely courtyard, but it was cool and breezy, so we opted to dine in rather than al fresco.

This was the view through the window.....bamboo.

Tracey had a Tuna Sashimi Tower.

Patsy had a Chicken Cobb Salad.

I had a Crab and Avocado Salad. I know that you are thinking, how very California. Well you would be right.

skipping ahead to today, we stopped at a rest stop just inside Arizona. Here is a flowering bush of some description.

Another flowering bush. Hmmm.

ScooterChick is checking the straps on the scooters.

These are some mountains in the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge south of I-10 west of Quartzsite AZ.

Another picture from a different viewpoint.

Relaxing now in a Drury Inn in Happy Valley. Highly recommended. We'll probably stay in another tomorrow in Las Cruces. Goodnight.


April Baucom said...

One pic of Az.? The lovely and incomparable? Well, better than none. ;-)! Those salads are making me think of one for lunch tomorrow.

Scooterchick said...

boy, I am so glad to be off the road right now. Wish we had that 43 foot luxury RV....haha. I'd REALLY be chillin right now!

Trobairitz said...

You two are just motoring right along.

I can see why you are tired. Blogging would be the last on my mind too.

Scootard said...

The road is long, with many a winding turn to quote the Hollies from 1969. Now that we're home I feel a little more relaxed.

The last 5 were AZ. April.