Sunday, September 21, 2014

Vamanos Muchachos

At last the long awaited day arrived and we headed out early. It was about 6:30 in the morning when we left. The weather was clear and cool, the bikes were rolling along happily behind and we were happy to be on the road.

Although it is not a habit of ours, we stopped at the local Mickey D's  to get a bite to eat. Apparently we were not alone in our desire for some take-out.

Even the local corvines are looking for some breakfast. They are patiently walking back and forth waiting for their take out. Whether they got any I know not.

Shortly thereafter we were at the border, waiting to make our international crossing. They seem to be more aware due to recent events and the possibility of attacks on the homeland. Thank God for vigilance!

After we crossed over we drove down to Edmonds and parked at the marina since we were a little early to check into our hotel. They have done a lovely job with the planters and with the marina itself.

Here is me taking a picture of Patsy taking a picture of sailboats. The day was sunny and warm. It was about 75F. by the water. We enjoyed our time here.

This is a very large municipal marina. They have a number of floats and also a large amount of dry land storage. There was a lot of activity this afternoon since the season is drawing to a close, and everyone is looking for their last "kick at the cat."

Her is your genial scribe and his beloved Scooterchick, smiling for all to see.

There is a boat elevator. When patrons arrive with their boats, they are put on a lift which hoists them hydraulically into the sky. But that's not all....

Once the boat has achieved a certain elevation , it's ride comes along. This is a giant forklift that firmly but gently gets ready to lift it off the cradle.

In no time flat the boat is picked off the lift and backed up to be moved to it's bunk until its needed again. This is a very slick system.

The boat is whisked away while the next candidate is readied for the lift. I don't know how big the lift capacity is but it's very skookum.

The next passenger for the lift is a Bayliner 298. This is a mid size cruiser that would be equally comfortable for an afternoon's fishing or a week away for a couple or even 2 couples if they were well mannered.

This one weighs about 9000lb. Not a lightweight. When you add gear it could easily go over 10,000lb.

Alley-oop as they say! This is now waiting for it's ride to come along. It won't have to wait for long.

We headed out and in short order we were at our hotel. Since all the parking spaces are singles, we had to unhook the trailer and chain it to a drainpipe so we can use the car to run errands tomorrow. We will leave for the south on Tuesday morning.

Our room is equipped with a complete kitchen and is very comfortable. The difference between this room and a standard room was only about $10. Well worth the extra cost when you consider the amenities.

We met with friends and went to a Korean Restaurant for dinner. They brought a number of small dishes with the meal, most of which I couldn't identify. I did recognize the Kimchi and the Bean Sprouts.

One of the appetizers ordered was a Green Onion and Seafood Pancake. Very unusual but not unpleasant. Just different......very very different!

I ordered a Seafood, Tofu and Vegetable Hot Pot. it as well was very unusual. it had those rubbery Straw Mushrooms, and various unidentifiable Seafood related products in it. It wasn't unpleasant just........well you know. Very very different!

Now I must rest. It has been a long day, an early start and a well deserved sleep awaits. Thanks for coming along....

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Trobairitz said...

75˚ by the water sounds just about perfect.

Safe travels and enjoy the trip.